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Hi Ladies

Just trying to get the last of the endless shopping done for my lo who is due in September - just wanted your opinions on a few things that I am not sure about at the moment.

Are the following worth buying? All? Some?

Baby sling
Bouncy chair (not swing!)

Many thanks!


  • My LO is 3 months and just starting to like her playgym. She hated her bouncy chair (we tried two!) but she just didn't agree with them. We have two swings instead. Bought a baby carrier but haven't used it yet.

    HTH K x
  • For me yes yes and yes!!!! Our bouncy chair vibrated was brilliant, he loved his play gym and we had the worst winter ever we would never have got out the house without the sling as snow and buggies dont mix!

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

  • Baby sling - wait until baby is here and try some out so you can get one that suits you and baby.
    Playgym - absolutely, 100 % yes! Bear in mind that some of the cheaper ones are just as good - baby won't care how much you spend on it.
    Bouncy chair - just shop around. Bear in mind that the baby won't sit in very upright ones happily at first. I have the chicco relax and play which is on the pricey side but is adjustable and socomfy I was happy to put my newborn in it (it lies flat and adjusts to sit up)
  • We didnt have a sling so cant comment on them, we bought a gym for daughter when she was 9 weeks, she started using it about 4 weeks later.
    My lo has a bouncer and a swing but she didnt like the bouncer until she could sit unaided, she preferred the swing because we could lie her down and she could sleep in it but she has outgrown it now!
  • We had all 3.

    Baby gym was a real hit - we got a tiny love one where the arches moved so it was really flexible, had lots of toys round the edge and provided a good mat for DS to have tummy time, go to sleep on and just play without being directly on the floor.

    Bouncy chair was good - wish I'd got a cheaper one that did more 'bouncing' rather than 'vibrating or limited bouncing some of the more posh ones do.

    Sling was good in many ways, and wouldn't really have been without it as it was soooo good at times, but at other times it did feel like a waste. It's also very hit and miss as to what they like.
  • We have all three and have varying comments to make really.

    Baby gym has been a godsend, we could not have lived without one, it has been used every single day and my LO is now approaching 7 months. In the early days he just used to lie there looking around or going to sleep.

    Sling - I bought a ring sling and have never managed to get my LO into yet, so that's been a waste of money. However I did get a babybjorn active carrier and think it's great. I don't use it often but it's brilliant if you want to get some hoovering done or just need to pop for a few things in town.

    Bouncy chair - we bought a M&P's Zeddy & Parsnip one and although we have used it a lot, I have been a bit disappointed with it too. It doesn't really bounce and the baby just tends to lie there on it. If I had my time again, I'd definitely get a swing or at least a bouncy chair that bounced, vibrated or something more than just being a chai.

    HTH xx
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