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Episiotomy needing restitched?

Hi ladies...

I had an episiotomy on 17th june so just over 4 weeks ago (apparantly only a 'small' cut) the first 2 weeks were agony espec when weeing but the midwife said it was healing well - however i could feel a 'pulling' sensation as if it was stretching - when she checked (me lying on my side bum in the air a bit) she said it was gaping slightly (hence the feeling i was having which was mainly when i was sitting down and getting up again or bending down) she said this was 'normal' and told a student that this was a new way of doing the stitches as it heals better (student apparantly hadnt seen stitchs likes that before so feck knwos how they looked) i couldnt bear to look with a mirror and couldnt get a good look when i tried and really didnt want to let my hubby see down there like that....

after 2 weeks the pain went away but i was still uncomfortable and sore at times and decided to go see the doctor when at 3 weeks i still didnt feel quite right (was told stistchjes would dissolve in about 2 weeks) i sat on the bed legs spread as if i was givign birth again and nurse said she wasnt happy would get the doc in who said my stitches have dissolved and most of the wound has healed but there is an open gaping bit that hasnt come together and thats what im feeling...he said there is nothing he can do all i can do is wait til it heals on its own (eventually) and assess it them and try to keep it free from infection in the mean time....he said it should heal but scar tissue might be raised and uncomfortable in whihc case it would be a gynae referral and would need open and restitched (ouch!) or re stitched if this bit doesnt heal..either way i will never look as 'pretty' down there again....

i googled thsi and it seems fairly common (my doc said it was cause my stitches hadnt been done right!) according to google it happens in a small percentage of women as its restitched so soon after teh trauma and can be hard to get an exact match and that corrective procedures arent done til at least 6 months after the birth?! I did have to allow hubby a look and he said it didnt look very nice but looks a bit better this week (less red and slightly smaller hole so im hoping its healing and will close over itself without needing restitched as that sounds a bit horrendous - espec without a newborn to justify and slighly numb the pain) i havent had sex since september when i got my bfp (i was basically too paranoid to relax my whole pregnancy but luckily i have a very pateint and understanding hubby) now i really want to and cant as the thought is excrutiating...

basically i just wondered if any of you lovely ladies had an episiotomy that didnt heal properly? (Trust me to be one of the minority!) If so did it heal itself and if so how long did it take ? or did you need it restitched - how long did you have to wait for that to be done and how was it and the healing etc? Also when did you do the deed again and did it hurt? Im paranoid of stretching the hole even though its not near where hubby would go in but even going slowly i worry could be too vigoorous! Im, living in leggings just now as i have found that the days i wear jeans (even lose baggy ones) it stings a bit as if tehy have been rubbing and while i have been more comfortable the past week or so - not in pain just a bit uncomfortable and slightly sore at times like last night when i mved a certain way of the couch and 'stretched' it which then irritated it...its not to bad when i pee now just sometimes it stings - it ould be pyschological as i know there is a gaping wound down there that i cant do anything about (it sounds minging i know) and i cant bear another 6 months of daughter is worth any price but its so annoyign at the same time! Is there anyway it can be restitched sooner if it isnt healing at all or do i have to def wait that long?

I wasnt too impressed with the doctor to be honest (although from what i read on google he did seem to tell me the right thing...i just thought i would be better with a gynae referral now as it can take months to get seen but he said if it heals and isnt too raised or umcomforetable then they would leave it...thank god no one sees down there and its not like hubby hasnt seen me in all my glory anyway e.g childbirth and he isnt put off yet lol)

Oh and he also said that hopefully it would heal with 'no long term damage' anyone know what kinda damage he means? I was thinking maybe loss of feeling during sex - or is it something more serious?

Finally if it needs restitched and you go on and have another child can you be recut and restitched or would they section you?

Sorry for such a long post but any advice would be much appreciated as i would be keen to hear other peopels experiences and know that im not alone in this happening....




  • Ah bless you hun what a mess!

    I had a bit of trouble with my Episiotomy. They bust a blood vessel down there and everything got infected. It took about 8 weeks for me to even slightly feel "normal" down there at all and still 22 months later sex can be sore especially when entering (sorry) but i had a big cut which they said was equivalent to a 3rd degree tear.

    I do believe the Episiotomy did permanant damage to me down below hence why i was so petrified of having one again this time around!!! Luckily i got away with a 1st degree tear that was along the Episiotomy cut and i asked them not to stitch it which they agreed and i havent been sore at all this time!

    Re next birth- You will be able to labour naturally again even if it has to re stitched and please dont think you will have to be cut again as thats simple not true! I am one of 3 friends who all had Episiotomys the first time and didnt need them the second time so try not to worry about that.

    Fingers crossed it heals for you without been re stitched. Have tou got some Badidias bubble bath ?? Its expensive but helps the healing process... i actually have a bottle i dont need if you want it.

    Also at night when your watching tv and dont have to get up much (when hubby is home) sit on a towel with your bottoms off... get as much fresh air to the area as you can, sounds gross and un-dignified but it will help!!! xx
  • I had a similar experience. Because I was so swollen once the bruising had gone down the stitches became baggy. I was fine for the first 2 weeks then like you started to experience stinging when I wee'd. I got a mirror and decided to look, I was mortified and though I could see an open wound. The midwife checked and said the top layer of skin had come apart but the stitches were still present. She described it like when you graze yourself and the top layer of skin comes away. I also caught an infection even though I was bathing twice a day and needed antibiotics. My midwife advised me to put a compress on and change every few hours, I was given an information sheet which said to add
    3 drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil in cool boiled water on a cosmetic pad on the affected area aswell as still bathing, I kept this up for a couple of days and am now fully healed xx
  • I am one of the unlucky ones that their episotomy didn't heal. The bad news is my lo will be 9 months on Thursday and I am still waiting to be taken in for my restitching.
    I was severely bruised after birth and it looked like the stitches were healing nicely but they were concerned about the bruising, at my 6 week check the doctor didnt even check my stitches.
    I went to the doc again at Christmas, lo was 9 weeks at this point and the doc said I had several bad infections so I was put on antibiotics for a few weeks but was still having problems so when lo was 4 months I had my smear and asked the nurse about my episotomy and she called the doc in and she said I have to refer you to the hospital, I had my appointment with the gynacologist about 7 weeks ago and he told me I need to come in for a bit of day surgery to get it repaired, he told me that it would be about 4-6 weeks for my appointment but I am still waiting. It is frustrating because at 9 months hubby and I still have not been able to have sex because it is still quite painful and I do bleed from the wound quite often. I find if I am sore I use a bit of witch hazel and that eases it a bit.
    I am sorry it's probably not what you wanted to hear but it does take a while to wait for all the appointments, I hope they do get round to you sooner though and get it sorted because it is very frustrating, it's a good thing hubby and I have no plans to ttc!
  • Thanks for sharing your stories and for the advice....its such a horrible thing! Dont get me wrong my little girl makes it all bearable as i would have doen anything to get her here but the thought of another 6-9 months of this (and no sex as well considering we are now 10 months since we last did anything - poor hubby) is driving me demented....

    im so sorry you have had such a tough time roaspenny thats shocking you have had to wait to long...i'll havce my 6 week check next week so will see what they say the mean time i will try 'airing' my bits and the lavender and tea tree oil and see how i get on (i wasnt given any advice at all and have thought on phoning commnuity midwifes and see what they say but they are hopeless as she said it was 'fine' so triage might be better but i know they wont be interested) the doc did say it just looked like it was the top layer that hadnt healed so im assuming thats a 'good' thing?

    MrsNoName i havent heard of badidias bubble bath before?

  • They sell it in Boots hun its known for healing (although doesnt say that on the box.. quite a few midwifes recommended it to me with dd. Its about ??10 a bottle but so worth it imo xx
  • ohhh..i will try anything lol...

  • i second badedas it worked wonders on my episiotomy, hope you heal asap!!

  • Well i don;t really want to beat around the bush so i'll be open & honest with what's happening with me:

    I had an episiotomy done (9 months ago) and i'm still not healed. I suffered many infections at the beginning despite keeping myself very clean and doing what they told me to do (lasting until around 12 weeks post birth) and was living on 4 anti-biotics plus paracetamol daily. I was in constant pain and it was never ending.
    I was very similar to you, i saw a gyno (around 8 weeks post birth) who said i had been left with a "pit" from where the stitches hadn't healed. Unfortunately he said they don;t operate until at least 6 months later as they need time for it to heal naturally and due to the delicate tissue around that area they don't recommend surgery before then.
    I've since seen a rectal surgeon who thinks i may have been left with an internal "tunnel" running from one end of my scar to the other (it's my bottom where i'm in the most pain from). I have scar tissue inside my vagina but that's almost fine now.
    I've recently had 2x MRI scans done (that the surgeon sent me for) and i'm currently awaiting the results on how he'll proceed.
    The thought of surgery petrifies me as i'm so worried of the recovery - again!
    I'm nowhere near in the pain i was in, i'm feeling very sore down below again the last week or so and i don't know why.
    Oh and sex has been out the question, thankfully my husband is very understanding! We've attempted it a few times but it puts the fear of God into me!!

    I was told to use Simple bath stuff - no perfume around that area.

    Sorry to go off on one about my story there, but i wish i had heard more when i was going throgh it at the beginning because it's just horrid.
    So, i know how you feel. I hope you don;t have to wait as long as i, or Rosapenny, have - hopefully it won;t come to that.
  • I second the letting yourself air, going to bed with no pants on if you can. My midwife also advised me not to wear 'always' pads as they have a chemical in that can irritate your cut and aren't recommended for using straight after childbirth.

    Re the compresses, I was only to do this for a couple of days at a time, as in between I needed to 'air' lol. If you are going to try, she advised to make up a new mixture after 24 hours and to keep it covered (ensure water is cool boiled). As I said before she said mine was like a graze where the top layer hadn't fully healed.

    Hope this helps a little xx
  • Thanks girls...

    Kelly im sorry you are having such a tough time - i can imagine this happening to me! Seen as the doctor said mine looked like the top area i will try the bathing (thanks for the tips) and see how i get on with that and then buy the badedas bath stuff if it doesnt work - i havent been airing my bits but started last night (much to hubbys 'delight' lol) as for the pads i was only wearing maternity ones then asda ran out and i had none and i did buy always ones (eek!) i didnt know you werent meant to use them but i was almost 3 weeks by that point and had been having the pain so i think the wound was there at that point and not caused by them although that wouldnt have helped prob!

    Its the sex thing im a bit worried about - im too scared to try it but dont want to leave it too long either (unless ihave to!)

  • I really do feel for you huni, those first few weeks are bloody tough - never mind dealing with a newborn but dealing with the pain too.
    Wear loose clothing when you're out and yes, keep "airing" it around the house (:lolimage
    I would recommend taking Arnica tablets (you can buy them in bigger Boots stores).
    Make sure you keep yourself as dry as possible down that area too.

    The horrid sickening pain WILL go, I promise, and hopefully it'll heal naturally with no further complications.
    If you need a chat then my email button is active xx
  • thanks....

    im hoping it heals quickly and doesnt need further surgery but im not really expecting it to to be honest...either way its never going to be the same down there is it lol?

    I will try arnica tablets too - my doc or the midwives never gave me any advice at all! Just said i had to 'wait and see' so will see what they say next week at my scheck up...hubby thinks its looking a bit better but he's not a medical professional and doesnt exactly know what hes looking at!

    My daughter makes it all worthwhile but its still frustrating that it had to happen espec after a not so nice birth experience in general...

    i hope things get sorted for you soon....

    Laura xx
  • just bumping this up....

    DD is now 12 weeks and im still 'open' downthere and uncomfortable so still havent 'did the deed' with hubby (and right now cant imagine ever again)

    its not painful like before now just a bit uncomfortable if i bend or sit too quickly its just bloody horrible - my gp is rubbish so no chance of a referral i just have to wait and see..

    for those of you still having problems is it an 'open' bit like i have or has it healed and is just 'not right' e.g uncomfrotable? (hoep you dont mind me asking something so personal) its just as the minute i cant see mine 'joining' on its own again.....

    also im long overdue a smear test (about 2 years now for various reasons) and nurse says i have to book in for one (she said at my 6 week check she couldnt do it as i was on my first period so to wait 2 weeks then re book - she said i should try to have sex first and see how i got on with that to prepare me for a smear?!)

    i havent been back as while we did attempt it once it was too uncomfortable (its never going to be the same is it?!) so i didnt book a smear yet as the thought of that is excrutiating and i dont see how she can 'clip' it open to get in there?! Im freaking myself out now - have any of you had a smear test and its been ok or is it v.painful? i've got an appointment next week so will see what she says then!

    Laura x
  • Hi Laura, well dd is almost 11 months and I am still waiting, hubby and I havent done the deed yet and the worst thing is I am broody again (I dont know how :lol: )
    I did have a smear which was a good thing as I had an abnormal smear and the cells were very high and I had to have a biopsy but in all honesty it was all fine, the smear wasn't too bad and I would advise you to go ahead, they will be symapthetic with what is happening and take it easy xxxx
  • Thanks for replying again..

    i cant believe yu are still having difficulty 11 months down the line...

    im worried that somehting serious cold be wrong through my smear and its my own fault for not having one sooner so i do want one if it can be done...

    my gp is rubbish so i have asked the health board for a new one as none would take me on we should be allocated a new one and receive word in a few days and im going to go and get checked out when im registrered to get my smear and also as i have been a bit uncomfortable down there (it still looks 'open' at a bit) and im worried it might be an infection as i feel hot and sicky a lot and have had some bad stomahce pains too - i just feel crap at the minute really run down and having the cold isnt helping...i sound al *poor me* dont i lol...

    this prob isnt the best time for you to be broody - i really hope you can get some improvements soon..

  • Hi Laura
    So sorry to hear you're still having problems.
    My DD is 11 months now and i'm also still having problems. I have my pre-op assessment at the end of this month and i'm booked in to have my operation done (don't have a date yet but in the next couple of months).

    I really don't know how to describe it lol, but mine has healed back together - but not properly iyswim? I don't have the "pit" that i did have, that went back together around 4 months post birth (so you've still got time for yours to do the same).
    Mine's definitely more bearable than it was for those first few months, now *that* i don't even want to think about!
    I know what you mean though, as ythat's what i describe mine as; "uncomfortable".
    DH & I have attempted sex 3 times, all hurt like heck and had to stop :cry:

    I have to say that i'm actually petrified about my op, well not so much my op but the recovery. I'm worried sick it's going to be the same and that makes me feel sick.
    I've also been called in for a routine smear but i'm petrified of going (and i've ALWAYS) gone for my smear tests. It's the thought of having something "up there" and pulling me apart eeeek.

    Sorry for going off a bit there, but you're definitely not alone.
    Sorry to hear you're still having problems too Rosapenny :cry:
    (((HUGS))) ladies xxx
  • im sorry you are still having probs too and no wonder your a bit scared about the op (im scared at the thought of needing one but things are bad enough just now nevermind 11 months post birth & still having problems) i really feel for you girls...

    im petrified of the smear too as liek you said its the thought of it but when im allocated my new gp im going to go and get checked out and get a smear done if possible as i just feel really run down in general...

    i tried to have a look earlier (v.flattering sitting in front of my wardrobe mirrors legs akimbo trying to have a peek lol) i can see the scar and that wasnt as obvious before but thats where its healed - it was the back bit that was open and i dont know if the 'pit' like but is still there as it does feel a bit gaping still...have had to get hubby to look a few times (after this and watching DD born im surprised he actually wants to have sex ever again lol) he said it still doesnt look 'right' but better than it was although he thinks the open bit is still there too but obviously he isnt a doctor so has no idea what he is look for....

    its bloody annoying thats been a year since we have had sex (and lots of it trying to get BFP) as i got my BFP in October - he's understanding but i feel bad although sex isnt exactly a priority for us at the minute anyway (so we wouldnt necessarily be at it if i was healed but least then i would have a choice)

    i really hope the op sorts things out for you - good luck and keep me updated with how you get on please?

    Im glad im not alone and not the only person to expereice this but i wouldnt wish it on anyone espec when it doesnt seem to have a 'quick' recovery period...

  • well i couldnt see a new Gp today just a locum and she stuck the speculum (sp?) thing up me like they do with a smear and swabbed the area as there was a bit of discahrge round it apparantly - it was quite sore but more uncomfortable...she said it looks liek its healed fine?? she gave me a presciption for anti biotics just incase but im waiting til iget the results first...

    anyway i can only get a smear test done by a nurse even though she was blooming up there anyway...despite having 3 practice nurses first appointment i could get was a week n thursday at 5o'clcok - 2 late with DD to go trapsing there so have one 2 weeks today. It should be ok based on how she was todsay although i am a little uncomfortable afterwards. Im really worried as i havent had a smear test for 5 years and im petrified i will have cancer and not know abot it (im a bit of a hypochondriac and like to worry but i did lose my mum to cancer when she had no symptoms although it wasnt cervical) its my own fault im so late getting one but i thought they could just have done it today argh!

    anyway dont suppose in the scheme of things 2 weeks will make much differnce and at leats i know she should be able to do it - i may attempt sex at some point just to see how we get on but not for a while yet as at teh minute i have no desire to do it again lol and its not my priority as im also tired etc...i still feel uncomfrotable down there but suppose i just have to take her word for it? i cant see anyting when i try to have a look with a mirror but will see what the nurse says in 2 weeks...

    i hope things improve for your girls soon and i hope things are ok with my episiotomy now afterall....

  • I had an eposiotomy with my first LO and got an infection soon after the birth. I went to the ER one week after and they told me it was likely an infection and that I had to go on antibiotics and that the infection caused the stitches to come loose. I washed and bathed and tried to rest. I went back to the Dr about a month later expecting her to tell me it was almost healed and she told me it was going to take 3-4 months to come together on its own. I bawled there in the Dr.s office with my baby, hubby, Dr, and student Dr.

    Its been almost 6 months since my son was born and I have a very small "pit" right under the opening of my vagina. It doesnt hurt at all anymore, unless its touched. My Dr said the scar tissue it tough and that it will take time for sex to be comfortable. She suggested a vagina dialator which slowly opens the size and comfort of you down there. I'm not ready for sex unless this pit closes as I feel the fact that its still there would cause more dammage.

  • Hi I just wondered if anyone doesn't have issues after being cut or if you just think it wasn't stitched good enough to where it Looks to be wide open? Would the doctors do surgery just because you don't like the way it looks? 

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