Best way to get lo to sleep (as much) through night (as poss


My lo is 11 weeks tomorrow. He has started going 5 hours between feeds at night which is bliss.

However, I am still a bit unsure how much he should eat during the day. He usually wakes up every 3/4 hours when I feed him 200ml (he usually drinks 180 or 190ml). However, today he is asleep in the pram outside. He last ate at 09.00 so has gone 5+ hours now. Should I be waking him up to get calories in him or just let him sleep? (He's only been asleep about an hour and a half not the full 5 hours!)

Thanks in advance


  • Yep I agree, let him sleep. You'll prob find that as he's gone longer between a feed cos he's been sleeping he will be a bit hungrier and take more at next feed anyway so you'll still be getting plenty into him through the day to help him through the night. Eventually he will just go longer and longer through the night. S x
  • i agree with the others. Let him sleep and he'll let you know when he wakes up. As for the sleeping through the night, you could start with replacing that bottle with water, and eventually he will think theres not much point to getting up just for water and might sleep through. Worked for me. Also make his nursery or wherever he sleeps dark and quite all night so he knows thats a place of sleep. This is what i did and both of mine slept through from very early ages and never suffered.

    Good luck

    Lisa xxx
  • Thanks very much all.

    I read the Baby Whisperer whose mantra is to fill up on calories during the day (tanking up) so they sleep through. It just gave my lo stomach ache which made him wake up and cry more!

    I'm happy for him to take as much as he wants during a feed and take them further apart. He is regularly going 4 hours between feeds now and draining a 200ml bottle. I think it's time for me to put more in the bottle ... just in case!

    Looking forward to him sleeping through the night. 5 hours is great - although I can't sleep during the 'middle' stint. My hv says it's a sign of pnd but I really am not depressed, I just think my body has been accustomed to only 3 hours sleep. (It still grumbles though, most bits of me ache image!!)

    Thanks again x
  • archie is 14wks and doesnt sleep thru yet....he goes to bed at 7, wakes around 11, 3, 5. altho he doesnt drink much thru the night, any ideas?
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