drinking water (also in BIF)

Do any of your lo's drink water from a cup with their meals? If so, how did you get them to do it & what cups do you use?

My DS will not drink water from a sippy cup, or one with a valve thingy in or a normal beaker or a bottle. I've also tried water with a teeny tiny bit of fresh orange juice in it & baby juice (as told to by my HV) but he wont take that either.

He doesnt seem dehydrated as he has plenty of wet nappies and still has 4 bottles a day. I also make sure i give him lots of fruit & also sometimes jelly to get some more liquid in him.

I have asked my HV & apart from putting a little bit of orange juice or squash in it they have just said to persevere.

Do you think that if he was thirsty he would have it & he's just not thirsty?

I just wondered if anyone else was having the same problem or whether my DS is just a fussy little man ha ha!!

Also if anyone has any tips, they would be most welcome!!

thank you xx


  • I had the same problem with my lo. We tried everything! I gave her baby juice initially, but wanted to get her onto water. I posted a while back, and it was suggested we gave her water ice cold. This is how she took it best initially.

    I also gave her bottled water before 6 months, and found that she took it better once we'd been weaning for a while. She now takes water from the tap, given at meal times. We've recently started taking the lid off her sippy cup & letting her drink freely from it (with help!). We also have a doidy to try. You may find that he takes more when he drops another bottle. I do think it may just a case of perseverance though, sorry! xx
  • Sorry I can't offer any advice, we've been going through the same thing since we started weaning at 22 weeks. My LO is now 8.5 months and is still no better, has the odd sip from a sippy cup but that's it. Although I'd love him to drink more, he doesn't seem dehydrated so I'm trying not to be unduly worried.

    Still I'm hoping something will click and he'll start soon though as it is getting somewhat tiresome xx
  • i think its may be a matter of perserverance, we started off giving water in a bottle and from 5 months introduced sippy cups, it has taken a good while for him to take a lot out of it, after 3 months he can drink a whole cup, we found when LO hit 6 months and we could use tap water he took a lot more, also putting the coled boiled water in the fridge helped, we also tried the boots flavoured baby water, worth a go, we have a nuby cup and a mam beaker x
  • My DD won't drink from any type of cup other than a bottle. I have bought several different type cups but to no avail.

    Then, one day I poured some of her water into the lid of the bottle (TT if you're interested) and she drank it...just like we do from a cup. Couldn't believe it!!! So that's how she has water now, I obviously have to hold it for her but what a bonud. Have you tried that??


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