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Worried about baby..

Hi all, I am so worried about my lil boy because I noticed that he constantly has blue purplish circle around his mouth. I first noticed it while I was still in hospital and the midwife told me that its because he needs to burp. After every feed he burps quite a lot but the mark still kinda shows. Does anyone else ever got that with their babies as Im worried it might be something else... Please help.


  • hi tee, my wee man is exactly the same it is wind, he burbs after feeds ok but he is still constantly full of wind, im up all night with him because of it. what age is your wee one (who is gorgeous by the way), my wee man is 7 weeks and hopefully the wind will ease of soon, just to get more than 2 hrs sleep a night.:cry: dony worry about it hun its nothing serious.
  • thx for the reply chucky. u made me feel a whole lot less worried. my poor sweetheart is just 3 weeks old and he does suffer from a lot of wind. i was up all last nite to try and warm him up to ease his pain and he is just in my hands now as he is crying again poor love. your lil one is gorgeous too. so thx for the message. ill try some colic drops tonight. dr told me they help loads. so we see. anything to make him suffer less!
  • Just to let you know - the wind does eventually get better. My little girl was also quite windy, we would try every technique we could think of to get her to bring it all up, the best one we found was laying her across our lap on her tummy and rubbing her back in a circular motion, also holding her horizontal across one arm and rubbing her back with the other. We tried colic drops and thought they weren't working at all, then we were advised to keep using the drops before every feed even if you think you don't need to. Bubs is now nearly 11 weeks and whilst she still gets a bit of wind, it is very manageable and mostly just after feeds. We are still giving her infacol before every feed and we make sure she does a couple of really good burps half way through her feed and again at the end (espacially if it is her last one before bed). Just wanted to let you both know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I know I was at my wits end for the first few weeks at least. Good luck xxx
  • Oh starfly thx ever so much. I will try what you said most definately. I just spent an allnighter up with my lil one as he had such bad wind poor love. unfortunately I live in Malta and Infacol is not gonna be brought here anymore image We see how the new drops will effect him. but thx again for everything
  • Hi Tee. How's it going with your little one and his wind? I did have another thought - my little girl tends to get her worst wind in the evening just before bed - (I guess it is partly a touch of wind and partly tiredness). Well anyway I have found that if all else fails - a nice warm bath does the trick - it seems to calm her right down. Sometimes with wind you have to just let them stretch out and kick it out of their system.
  • well starfly it seems to be going ok with the drops even though he wont drink it all as he absolutely hates water! but i do try to be persistant and try to give him as much water as possible. I will try give him the bath tonight see how it goes. They also told me that it is good that when i change his nappy i grab his feet and make him move them in a bicycle mode. They found it helps a lot too. So I gave that a try too!
  • Glad things are improving. That is agood point about moving his feet, my doctor told me that babies tend to grow out of bad wind when they get more active as with their movements they can work it out their system better.
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