Nappy cream on newborn bottoms??

Hi ladies,

I was just wondering what kind of creams, sudacrem, bepanthen etc if any you use on newborn bottoms or do they not need anything til they are bigger? Im pregnant with my first baby so dont have a clue about these things. Are they used as a prevention to nappy rash as well as a cure if they get it?



  • hi, with my lo i dont really put anything on her bottom unless its sore. i put a little bit of talcum powder on her bum at nappy changes. if it does look slightly red then i will use sudocrem on her or if it looks really sore then the best one i find has been metanium- it works wonders. xxx
  • Some people use it at every change but I never have done and my lo (now 8 months ) has never had nappy rash.

    I've always used sudocrem though if its starting to look a bit red after a poo, and luckily its never developed into a rash.

    I've heard metanium is the best cream to use if they already have nappy rash but sudocrem, bepanthen etc if you're planning to use it at every change. You dont have to though x
  • i just use zinc and caster oil based creams. you can buy nappy cream from asda and tesco which are based on z&c oil for around ??1. i have used this sine dd was in special care as she was 8 weeks early. scbu used it too. dd still has no hint of redness after 11 weeks. i have only used one pot in that time so really economical. sudacrem is the same but medicated for nappy rash. the own brand ones work just as well but at a fraction of the cost. hope that helps

  • I use sudacrem if it looks a bit red but not at every nappy change. I use it when i change her for bed because sometimes she sleeps for up to 12 hours so her nappy is on for that length of time. TBH i just bought sudacrem cos its the only one i had heard of!!!
  • I use zinc & castor oil cream most nappy changes, and occasionally Sudacrem (totally randomly!) Lily's bottom is scrummy image

    In answer to your question: yes, nappy creams act as a barrier to prevent the skin getting irritated. Sudacrem is just antiseptic nappy cream.
  • midwife told us this when we went for the hospital visit for our antenatal classes (turned out it was the only one i had time for before dd arrived early) but after nearly 11 weeks of using it dds bum is as gorgeous as the day she was born.

    plus they use it on every nappy change in scbu so cant be bad for them. as i didnt have her bag when she was born the unit provided a tub for her.

    i think that if we followed every bit of advise then we wouldnt be able to do anything with our babies.

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