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Rubbing face when eating

Charlotte has developed a habit of rubbing her face with the back of her hand when i'm feeding her solids in her high chair. She normally rubs round her top lip & nose but sometimes it's her whole face. It can make feeding her very tough as her hand is always in the way and she ends up rubbing food everywhere. It's like she has an itch there all the time! My hv said it could be teething pain and she's rubbing round her mouth but I don't know what to think.

Any ideas? Has your lo done this?
Plus she is extremely grumpy today and I am at the end of my tether........!!!!
Bloody teething :x


  • Thank god someone elses child does this!!!!!!!!!
    Isnt it the most annoying thing ever! Harri does this ALOT!!
    I rack my brains trying to figure out why he does it, i still dont know but glad im not the only one!! xxx
  • I'm glad someone else's lo does it too - lol!

    Why have you changed your name? - just being nosey
  • thought i would as it used to be sunnymum21 and i was 21 but i turned 22 in september so thought ide change it xxx
  • Thought that might be the reason why.

    It was my birthday in September too - the 10th - but I turned 33 - boo hoo! I look a lot younger though so everyone keeps reminding me.....!
  • oooooo good for you!! its nice when people compliment!! my birthday is the 18th xxx
  • My lo does this all the time, I hate it and it makes feeding time really stressful. No solutions for you huni, just letting you know it happens to us to. I agree it must be their teeth, poor wee munchkins, must be like us trying to eat with toothace, ouch !
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