Does she need more?

As my other post said i think Evie is going through a growth spurt shes 13weeks & totally bf, do you think i need to be offering her food or once the growth spurts gone she'll be ok, shes just 10lb 8? xxxx


  • Hey hun,
    I'd hang fire on the food for now as like you say it'll be a growth spurt and then she'll settle donw again.
    By the way we haven't been to the adventure place because of the snow-aming for next week now!
    Hope you ok and everything with your oh ok? xx
  • I agree, a growth spurt should hopefully only last a couple of days and with any luck she'll be back to a more convenient feeding pattern! She's still quite young for solids.
  • hubbys away for at least a week now, its nice beig just us girls lol, i'm stuck in the house cause of the snow lol
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