Hi guys.
Need some advice on strollers. I need to buy one as we are flying to scotland in august and our buggy is really impractical for that journey. Because it will only be used occaisionally ie going to mil's and going swimming, I dont want to spend too much (??60 max ideally). My LO will be 6 months by august so I dont need one suitable from birth. Any suggestions?

Thanks x


  • My mil bought one from Argos a while back for nothing more than 40 i don't think. Its fantastic for really infrequest use - really light, folds up, ocmes with a rain cover and the basket underneath is relatively big. There are also loads of good 'umbrella fold' buggies in there too - different types and colours and specs. all not too expencive. Or woolies are good for them too. X
  • i have the silver cross pop i love it i think its fab!! but is a bit more expensive! but avery lovely buggy.. not sure if it wud be right for you just for infrequent use.. i have mine as an all the time buggy xx
  • Hi i got the mclaren techno off the mothercare website and its fab easy to fold lightweight and came with free raincover and free postage it cost me ??71.99 as i got 10% off and when it folds down it doesnt take up much space.
    vikki xx
  • I've just got a stroller from Argos, just needed something cheap that folds up for when we go away next month. I think it's a 'Century' one and cost ??35, it comes with a raincover and hood that you can attach. It's perfect for when i go out and about everyday, very light. Only problem is that it doesnt fit in the boot of our car so we have to put it in the foot well in the back of the car. There are quite a lot of cheap ones about though, you could look on kiddiecare, they can be quite cheap.

  • I bought one off ebay by "obaby" Maninyl cause it was a fantastic colour and nothing like id seen before (colour that is) It was pretty cheap too. Stroller, cosytoes, parasol and raincover which had the same colour stitching as the buggy so was nice for it to be personalised to the specific one. For the lot i think it was ??40 bargain i think! And it does just what a stroller is meant to do x
  • Thanks guys. Just need to sweet talk hubby now because he has all the money at the moment! I hate not having my own wages at the mo.
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