Night Waking and day sleep?

Before I start, im not looking for some magical answer to make them sleep through, just some advice!

My boys are now 10 months. They sleep anywhere from 1hr to 3 hrs during the day and I cant seem to regulate it! Im not too bothered as I dont want to work hard to get them into a sleep routine like they used to, only for it to be ruined when I go back to school after the summer.

My problem is at night. They go down between 6.30 and 7. I cant keep them awake any longer. They wake in the morning at 5am but we dont tend to go in till 6am and they are often happy to speak to eachother. However, they are up between 3 and 8 times in the night (and they dont wake eachother so me and hubby are up twice this!) All they want is their dummy, and we do leave them and sometimes they go back, but sometimes they dont - and they scream till theyre almost sick. Then, if we get there, the dummy just doesnt help as theyre past the stage of wanting it and we have to settle them ourselves - shush/pat etc - I only pick them up if its really desperate. They wont pick their dummies up themselves, and often theyre on the floor!

Any advice? Theyre teething really badly at the moment which doesnt help. Will it get easier??


  • Not particularly helpful as you said you didn't want to get them into daytime sleep routine, but Sam's night-time sleep improved dramatically at the same time as he started taking two proper long naps in his cot. I didn't force this - he just did it naturally, but I definitely think they're linked.

    He also started sleeping through when he learnt to settle himself, without using me as a dummy! I think you could either try and get rid of the dummies (hell for a while, but in the long term might help) or, wait it out until they are able to put dummies back in themselves. Not sure which is easiest!

    If they're teething however, there's nothing you can do at the moment, because that's a whole other problem! Teething is evil!

  • I was going to suggest weaning the dummy too Coco, not fun probably but if thats what they are waking from taking it away may help.

    As for daytime sleep affecting nighttime sleep I think it depends on the baby tbh. The only thing less daytime sleep affects in Dylan is his mood, but only you will know how much the boys naps effect their nights.

    As for teething, I think its the worst thing ever Dylans pulled his ears so hard they have ripped and are red raw, so sympathy for your poor boys hopefully the teething will stop soon so they can get some rest (as can you and hubby!)

  • Sorry I can't offer much help but I do feel for you!

    We have a slumberland bear which plays different sounds, heartbeat, white noise, classical music and I find that this helps my LO self settle. It comes on automatically when it hears a noise and plays for about 5 minutes. I have it set really low and I'm sure it wouldn't bother the other one that is still sleeping. Just thought I'd share in case it's something you are interested in xx
  • hi there,
    you must be exhausted is all i can say! a while ago i had the same issues with my LO as he was losing his dummy and then crying for it! after a week of sleepless nights through continuous dummy runs i decided to stop allowing him to have his dummy during daytime naps in the cot, after 2 days he was self settling by sucking on his fingers (he was 3 months at the time) once i knew he could settle himself for daytime naps i also stopped letting him have his dummy at night. To my amazement the first night without his dummy he slept right through without waking once! Obviously as your boys are that bit older, habits might take a little longer to break but it might be worth a try?

    we also have a winnie the pooh cot light which on the odd occasion my LO wakes up earlier than normal, i put that on and he goes back off (i cover up the light and just use it for the 10minutes of continuous lullabies it plays!)

    I hope you find something that is helpful and that you get the rest that you deserve! x x
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