How are making bolognese sauce?

Just as the title says! Not sure how to do my own one! My DD is 7 months old


  • Hey hun,

    I just do a basic one:

    1 onion
    1 carton of passata
    Italian Seasoning
    Beef stock (i use kalo stock cubes which are low in salt)

    I brown the mince, add the chopped onion, passata, stock and herbs. Simmer for about 30 mins. Add garlic at the end.

  • heinz cook at home range is good they do a bolognase saue which evie used to love
    i would add mince, onion, pepper and she loved it
  • mine is also very basic

    two tins of chopped tomato
    tomato puree
    red pepper
    one onion

    you dont have to add all those ingrediants, leave out the mushroom, garlic and pepper if you want, but i add them to give lo lots of different textures and taste.

    ashy xx
  • Mine is;

    Chopped Tomatoes

    I usually put a bit of plain flour in it at the end to thicken it up.
  • Oh i also added tomato puree to mine to give it a stronger taste! x
  • I make mine similar to those described above but i will also add in any other suitable veg I have (like courgettes, aubergine). It's a good way to get as much veg in as possible.
    I also use a different mince each time I make one up and freeze individual portions so I use turkey mince, chicken mince, veal and lamb mince, as well as beef. When I serve it I add in cheese, and a lot of the time also avocado and some sour cream or soft cheese! He loves it, in fact had one tonight made from turkey mince.

    PS I always buy the premium grade mince.
  • Thanks, very helpful as usual! Will try a couple and see which DD prefers xx
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