Message from Kelsie!!

n z vfg btfbg tgtgrh xc 777777777hnt777uyu 76 v u


I promised her I'd post it for all you lovely ladies too see! image :lol:



  • ahh bless her!!! hello kelsie, how u doin hunny??? u should get her to put that on my wall, then again mollie will want to be hijacking the computer if i show her that!!! lol!!!
  • I'll get her to do a personalised msg on your wall tomorrow morning honey!! She's been soundo now since 7.25!!

  • Forgot to say.....she's fine thanks hon, bit p****d off at me not letting her play with a glirttery baulble off mummy and daddys christmas tree though!! The idea of glitter all over the house, in her cot, all over carpet, cot sheets etc brings me out in a nervous sweat!! Damn OCD's!!

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