holiday questions????????? PLEASE

morning all

we have booked our holiday and we are going to turkey in may, 2 weeks before graces 1st birthday. i just have some questions i hope some of you can help with... :\?

can i take cartons of milk on the plane? if i take my own?

we are travelling from leeds/bradford airport, has anyone travelled from there? i know they have a superdrug do they sell cartons of SMA?

grace is on SMA white, i know this goes upto 12 months. should i keep her on that while we are away or put her on to progress milk? she still has about 4 bottles a day as well as her food.

she has jars of food, should we be giving her "real" food now so she will eat what we eat on holiday?

please help girls im panicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • I know how you feel we are taking the kids to france in may when charlie will be just 6 months old. im really not sure what to do about the milk, as for food i think i might pack my baby food blender as its really small. i might also take some baby rice, but hopping to have him on finger foods before we go as he has been on solids since 8 weeks old x
  • re milk, im not sure whether you'll be allowed to take cartons in your hand luggage cos of the new laws. you can take 100ml of liquid so i suppose you could seperate her feed into a few little bottles or something?
    id keep her on her normal milk rather than chage her.
    id take some jars wth you becuase a lot of the food might not be suitable for her and you dont want to be restricted by where you can eat, we are going to america in sept when cam will be 15 months, im going to take some of the 12m+ meals just in case cos i dont want him living off pizza and burgers! lol!
    i bet you'll have a great time, try not to stress out too much cos you wanna enjoy it! i stressed for a few months after booking ours but now i guess what will be will be!
  • hi hun ,u cant take milk on the plane ,i took a bottle of water with a some powder and they made me mix it before hand and taste it ..yack!! ....also i would take some jars as the jars abroad can work put very expensive cos they get shipped in ....i would take a hand blender in your luggage so that u can buy apples etc to blend out there ....u will have a lovely time try not to stress too much about it ...also instead of taking ure steriliser take milton tablets there fab and dont take up much room ,even if u dont sterelise here anymore i would still do it over there as there water is different ...have fun xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi,
    I found travel sterilising bags yesterday at boots which look fab! I have been told that they may need to supply your water?? but to take water and powder seperatley is the answer.

    Any one that has replied can I add to this by asking should jars be in hold luggage of hand luggage? I know that the pressure is different... and will the milk be ok in the foil package in the case because I know that the foil packs fill with air-like crisps in the hand luggage.
  • ah good question tink27

  • Hello!!
    Quick up date after a call to the airline!! The foil packs-ie Hipp milk and most powdered baby food are fine in the hold-so that could save you taking the glass jars depending on the age of the baby!!

    Oh and if you have a transfer booked on the coach baby is to sit on your lap-unless you've paid for a seat-so no car seat needed!
    Lydia xx
  • so are the ready to drink cartons of milk ok in your suitcase?

  • As far as I know they would be fine in the checked in case.... xx
  • this is turning into a nightmare been googoling all night for info!

    not sure what im gonna do about bottles to travel with. i was gonna take cartons thru with me but you have to open and taste them so once they are open they are no good after about an hour
    wanted to take 3 bottles thru with me so not sure what to do

  • take 3 pots of powder-one bottle with water and 2 sterilized without water. Then you have the 1st bottle you need and the ask the flight attendents for water for the other 2 bottles!!
    How about that idea?? xx
  • do i have to warm up the water in the 1st bottle when im ready to use it or can you add powder to cooled water?

  • I add powder to cooled water all the time, or ask them to warm-whichever you prefere!! xx
  • thanks so much, can you tell im worried!lol

  • I have 6 nights and I fly-will let you know how it goes-she's 24 weeks then!

    An idea I've had is because we fly early I'm going to put her in her sleeping bag-then we have a blanket and she's comfy-not affecting the luggage weight!! lol
  • Hi, I live in Norway so have flown back to the UK loads with my lo to various UK airports. You are allowed to take with you the number of bottles you need for your journey, I used to take three bottles with the right amount of water in and then use the powder dispensers with the relevant amount of powder in. Never had a problem, they may ask you to taste the bottles of water but as your lo is old enough not to need sterilised bottles by then anyway it shouldn't be a problem.

    As for food, I would start introducing lo to the food you eat, when we travelled back to the UK at Christmas my lo was the same age as yours will be when you travel. He had been eating whatever we had for about a month with no problems. If you are worried you can always check with the airport side Boots/ superdrug (the bit once you are through security) to see if they have any jars of food so you can get a few to take with you there to save on your luggage allowance.

    My lo was also on ff cows milk by the time he was 12 months with only the odd bottle of formula so that may also be an idea so you don't have to worry about how much formula to take.

    Other than that make sure you have plenty of snacks for the flight for your lo, raisins, baby biscuits etc are all good and help to keep them quiet! x
  • LizB do you then get the water warmed up or is it ok to just add the powder to the cooled water?

  • Hi, I just add it to cooled water, never had a problem with the powder mixing in with it. Although I have also in the past travelled with a small flask with warm water in to top the bottles up with as my lo didn't like to drink his bottles cold in the winter when he was small! Again I didn't have a problem with this, although if you are worried you could always travel with a small empty flask and ask them to put some boiled water in it at one of the cafe's so you can just top up the bottles slightly to make them warm. xx
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