Any Manchester mummies?

Morning ladies

Firstly I just wondered which of you lovely ladies live close to me image

Secondly where do you go with your lo's? I dont have any mummy friends and so I cant get recommendations from them, netmums list LOADS of soft play centres but I don't know which are good and which aren't for a nearly 9 month old. We went to one and he got flattened even in the toddler area as all the big kids invaded it!

We do lots of things such as our local surestart and he has swimming lessons but i'd like ideas to let him meet other children and socialise a bit more, plus I can try and meet people too image

Thanks ladies xxxxx


  • Hiya

    I haven't really got time to post now but just wanted to say as mentioned in that other thread, I'm in Bury. I'd love to meet up with you some time.

    I'll pop on later tonight and chat some more then.

    Hayley xxx

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  • I live in Altrincham so sort of a Manchester mummy.

    There is a fab soft play place near me with a great baby room (timperley). are you talking about land of play, we went too and D nearly got trodden on, hated it!

    Sadly i'm back at work next week so might struggle to meet you in the week. would love to meet you.

    K x
  • We went to one in Little Hulton with my friends nearly 3 year old nephew (he was an angel it was the other children) one piled up a load of big foam blocks put the insert for a vtech walker on top and pushed it on Dylans head!!! Luckily I managed to move him so he didn't get the full force of it, but it would be nice to go somewhere that the toddler area is just that for toddlers :lol:

    It would be lovely to meet people image

  • Hi I'm in Radcliffe just outside Bury. I'm not to sure about baby friendly soft play. I have 2 boys 5 months and 32 months so when we've been so far it's just been for Rhys as Alfie was usually asleep, but I think we need to start looking for more places in September (I tend to avoid them in the holidays as always so busy and full of older children)
    We usually go to our local Wacky Warehouse on a Tuesday mornings as it's free and they have free tea/coffee/juice & biscuits. It's not usually too bad as it's mainly under 3's and most go in the 'big' section rather than the toddler bit.
  • i live in stockport so more of a greater manchester area
  • I used to be but now I'm a scottish mummy (boo hiss I miss home) I would have loved a manchester meet. Stupid scottish dh =(
  • Haha grizzlechops im sure your hubby is worth being in Scotland :lol:

    hollypolly my best friend lives in Stockport image

    boo where is your local wacky warehouse? I live in Swinton so its not that far from you. I cant wait till schools go back as even though as I live on a road with a school and its chaos it means going out during the day much much easier


  • Hi

    Wow - I'm in Swinton as well! My little boy is 11 months and we also go to surestart centres - been to the beach party at Mossfield today in fact!! I've also got a 4 year old, so when he starts school, I want to try more baby groups locally - if you fancy chatting more - please let me know.

    ps - have followed some of your threads and you sound amazing! Didn't realise you were so local. xxx

    *Boo* - do you mean Papermill - we go there as well! Maybe we should organise a local meet

    Look forward to chatting soon xx
  • I am in Bolton so nearly a Manchester mummy. I went to a lovely soft play area last year when I was still pg with some friends who have small children. I was really near the trafford centre x
  • He is dylansmummy, 99% of the time anyway.

    Is there not a Wacky Warehouse at the Red Lion pub in Boothstown/Walkden of the East Lancs? Or I'm sure there used to be anyway, has been donkeys years since I was there.

    Will keep an eye on this and see if I can time a visit home with any meet you do. I'm a Manchester mummy in spirit at least!
  • Mrs Calopa - hi, I'm right on the Swinton/Kearsley border, so go to Bolton a lot. Have you tried the playcentre at Wingates Industrial Park, that's a good one.

  • I went to school in Bolton =).

    Sorry I know I keep crashing here but I miss home so much!!
  • grizzlechops your most welcome, you should pursuade hubby to move here :lol:

    Rainbow, do you go to first friends at mossfield? I didn't know there was a beach party today he would have liked that I think image

    Mrs Calopa, Bolton counts as Manchester to me, its not that far from me!

  • No, don't go to first friends cos work on Thursdays. I'm off Tues + Fri, so normally go play centre etc on those days - got a long list of them, so if you fancy meeting up sometime, please let me know - bet our boys would like it. Email me if you want or we could add on facebook? x
  • Facebook is good, my name's Emily Prieditis and pic is Dylan giving me a squeeze (there's 2 of us on fb the other is my gorgeous SIL)

    Playcentres are great as long as public transport accessible as I cant drive :\( our boys probably would love it, Dylan loves other children but has a tendency to grab them and give them big face kisses, it looks like he's eating them :lol:

  • ooh great - will find you now. Awe, Dylan sounds so cute giving face kisses - my little guy will love them!

  • I'll make sure he doesn't eat him image although at 11 months he's older should be able to handle himself!

    I've added you!!! I don't know our mutual friend that well, only through the pub he works at, although he's an absolute sweetheart.

  • awe, thanks for adding me - already looking forward to our play dates. I went to primary and high school with Darren, but not seen him since leaving which scarily I've just worked out as 17 years! xx
  • We can sort something out, maybe best if were going to a play centre to wait till after older kiddies back at school? Either that or we meet at Mossfield? Do you do the singing on a Friday? I would of gone this morning but Dee's nap is in the middle of it unless I make him nap in his pushchair on the walk up.

  • yes, I agree about playcentres and school holiday - nightmare! Yes, normally go to Mossfield on Friday mornings, so probably be there next week. Will have my eldest with me, but he runs off as soon as w get in the stay and play, so he'll be fineimage

    I've not really got any 'mummy' friends with a baby under 18 months (they've all got 4 year olds) - so will be good to meet you and your little chap xx
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