spd how early can you get it?

hiya ladies did any of you have spd? how early can you get it? woke up this moring couldnt get out of bed my legs and back are killing me, my belly feels like ive been doing sits up in my sleep, but im only 2 months is this 2 early? if it is anyone have any ideas what it could be? my arms aslo feels like ive been lifting weight, think ive slept walk to the gym during the night lol, never had this when i was pregnant with mill xx

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  • Not sure that all sounds like spd hayley, but could be wrong. Sounds more like flu symptoms if arms aching as well. I had sciatica from about 3mths which gave me backache and stinging pain down my right leg. Saw a physio/osteopath for most of pregnancy. Got spd from about 6 1/2 months and it got steadily worse until I had my little girl 12 days early thank god, back in October. I was a step away from being put on crutches by the gynae physio and had to wear a very attractive tubigrip support all the time and a huge support belt if I was walking anywhere. But it was really excrutiating at times. I would speak to your doctor or midwife. Rest is important for spd - but I never managed that very well as we were too busy on the farm at the time - will try harder next time!!

    Hope whateva it is it eases soon and that isn't the start of spd!

  • thanks hun, i thought it would of been flu but i feel totally fine in myself, cant even take it easy as got a 1 year old to run about after, lol x
  • hi i had it from 3months very painful,tell your midwife straight away so she knows and will keep an eye on you,i bought a body pillow from argos ??25 for when i was in bed.you may also find when your a bit further gone and your tummy is abit bigger that you need a support belt to hold the weight of the growing baby off your pelvis.hope you havent got it as unfortunatly its a very uncomfortable thing to live with,sorry if this sounds scary but dont know how else to explain it.good luck, becky xx
  • hi hun i had it from 6 weeks with my second xx
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