Teething rash

Hi ladies,

Just wondered if any of your little ones suffer/have suffered from rash when teething?

My DS has cut his first two teeth and has come up in quite an angry rash on the side of his cheek. Now, it could be eczema or a heat rash due to the hot weather also. Just curious as to whether teething rash exists.



  • Our lo has a rash on the sides of her face (and is teething), I think it's from where she slobbers so much & rubs her hands around her face-nice! We have been putting the same stuff that we use on her bottom on her face, although vaseline would work well to protect it from slobber-if this is what is causing it. Hth xx
  • Thanks honeypops,

    Yes my DS is slobbering loads and the rash is mainly on his left cheek which is the side he sleeps on so am thinking now it's related! I've put lots of emollient on it so hopefully it'll get better.

    Thanks again for your reply x
  • My LO who is 13 months has been teething since 12 weeks and now has a whopping 15 teeth!! From around 6 months she got an awful rash around her mouth, that had me up at the GP on 2 occasions because it sometimes gets so inflamed it looks like chicken pox. It always gets worse the few days preceding a tooth, so at least we have warning. The only thing that works for her is Sudocreme. I bought a little mini pot that is her 'face' pot and the other is her 'bum' pot image When I open the lid she sticks her little finger in and rubs it under her lips, very cute!
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