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Evening ladies,

Bubs is due to arrive in about 9 weeks time. We have orderd our pram, which has a carrycot which is suitable for overnight sleeping - we intend to use the carrycot as the moses basket. With the rain we had today, I just wondered, even with the best rain cover, do the carrycots still get a little wet, or are they ok? I don't want Bubs to have to sleep in something damp! Should I be buying a moses basket???

Rucky 31 & 3


  • g/c from pregnancy.

    with ds we had a moses basket but he could never settle in it so we ended up using his carry cot. Had no problems with it, the rain cover kept it completely dry and he was born in January so it had to endure some extreme weather!
    I tend to think moses baskets are a waste of money - we only had one that was passed down from OH's cousin. Her baby wouldn't sleep in it either!
  • my baby still uses her moses basket during the day for naps. at night, to give her more room, she's in the space saver cot from kiddicare. i personally wouldnt like her sleeping in her carrycot after we've been in it to the park etc.
  • we diod have a moses basket but the carrycot would have been fine to use and it never got wet at all as rain cover covered it all!
  • Rucky, can you tell me what pram system you've gone for? I've yet to come across one where the cot is suitable for overnight sleeping - but that is something I'd like if possible.
  • Rucky - I have the icandy peach which is suitable for overnight sleeping (not sure which one you went for) and plan on using it as a 'moses' basket downstairs during the day and putting baby in his actual moses basket upstairs in our room at night.

    Ever since my stepdad told me about how the handle of his son's moses basket broke when taking up downstairs years ago (and I mean like 25yrs ago so i appreciate baskets are muchos better these days LOL) i have been put off using the same one and carting it up and down every day,

    I think so long as I use the raincover, baby will be fine to use it if i've just come in from the rain. If its wet or damp for whatever reason - i'll just have to find a solution image

  • Hiya,

    I have the mamas & papas ultima & used the carrycot as a moses basket & it was absolutely fine. the raincover kept the carrycot completely dry as it basically goes all the way around & hooks underneath so no rain gets in at all. I had my DS in Feb so have been out in lots of rain & it was always dry for him to sleep in. I think it will be fine xx
  • We use the carrycot to sleep in overnight when we are away, its a mamas and papas ultima and we bought a proper mattress from them to make it suitable for overnight use.
  • We have the silvercross sleepover which comes with an actual moses basket stand for when you use the carrycot as a moses basket and a liner that you pop in x
  • HI, I have the M&P Ultima. My baby wouldnt sleep in the Moses basket so I swapped her to the carrycot on the stand when she was about 2 weeks old. She slept in it until she was about 12 weeks when I thought it was getting a bit small. It never got wet or dirty and was absolutely fine.
  • My LO was born in December and we also used a carrycot for overnight sleep. We did actually have a moses basket but she didn't sleep very well in it, definitely not as well as in the carrycot. It was the dreami that goes with the Quinny buzz and it never got wet - the rain cover was fab and stretched underneath.

  • Ladies, thank you for getting back to me! Its great to hear that our carrycot should be fine!!

    Mrs-L, we have bought the Mamas and Papas Sola, and we love it! I can't wait to pick it up in August!!

    From reading your replies, I'm thinking I'll need to buy another mattress to make it comfy for Bubs! Off to Mamas and Papas!!

    Thanks again ladies
    Rucky 31 & 5
  • Hi ive got 3 kids and for the first 2 i used my carrycot for day sleeping as a moses basket. This time i borrowed a moses basket and have found that lo was in my room much longer coz it was there and have found it much easier, especially having other kids to run after. I use my carrycot downstairs for day naps and out and about and left moses basket upstairs.
    I bought a mamas and papas mattress for both and found them to be great and if i had another baby i would def get another moses basket (well borrow one)

    Gemm x
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