Stopping Bottles......

I am after some advice on how to wean my little boy off his bottle as he is 1 in 6 weeks. He doesnt drink much out of his sippy cup at all so am wondering how I will get him to drink the recommended 350mls of milk when he turns 1.

Thanks for any advice.

M x


  • have you tried a sports beaker type bottle or a beaker with a straw insert?? or a doidy cup is great for them to learn with too

    But if lo doesn't like them there is nothing wrong with giving a couple of bottles a day tho, My boy still had a bottle at bedtime until he was about 2!! as long as they aren't grazing and walking about with bottles in their mouths they are fine, its when you see tots with bottles constantly hanging out of their mouths that it starts to affect their teeth and as long as its just milk in a bottle and not juice then their fine

    hope that helps
  • Thanks Claire a Belle.....I have tried all types of cup except ones with a straw so will try one of those next I think......fingers crossed he likes them. He has a couple of bottle a day at the minute but its a struggle as he bats the bottle away like he's not interested in milk anymore - little monkey!! xxx
  • he might just be not that interested anymore, why don't you try whole cows milk?? see if he likes that?
    I had to change my son from formula to cows at 10 1/2months as he started refusing formula. I know they say not before 1 but it was my HV who told me to change and he loves cows milk

    My son prefers the beakers with a straw!!
  • My HV said he may drink more when he goes on cows milk as formula is so heavy....he is probably too full as he is always after food - opens his mouth like a little bird if he see's me eating something!! Going to try a sports bottle thingy and get some whole milk in - could just give him some in the afternoon with a snack and see if he likes it better. Thanks for the info. xxx
  • I got a Tommee Tippee first cup without the handles and we switched cold turkey, apart from the bedtime bottle. The first day my son didn't drink much milk but second day he drank more and third day he drank his usual amount. I'm going to change over the bedtime bottle the day after his birthday. I still sit with him on my lap to feed him his milk from the cup and he refuses to hold it himself so it's much the same anyway!
    He's 11 months and I've just started giving him cow's milk for his afternoon snack milk.

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