Gatecrashing from pregnancy - Black out curtains Q

Hi ladies hope you don't mind me posting here as I haven't had my baby yet!

Was just wondering how important it is to have blackout curtains. The curtains we have in baby's room are quite light so would probably take in quite a lot of daylight, do the blackout curtains really make enough of a difference?

Also, if they are worth getting is there anywhere cheaper than mothercare to buy them, as mothercare ones cost just as much as the orginal curtains did!


Rach xx


  • i have a black out blind in brookes room which i got from dunelm mill. was about 13 pounds i think. they do them in all colours and coz they go in the window it keeps all light out. then just have thin curtains more of a decorative thing that got with the theme of her room x
  • We've got a blackout blind as our curtains in nursery really thin. They are def worth it, esp in the height of summer when the sun's up at 5am!
    We got our blind from Hillary's web site. Measured up ourself then oh put them up when they were delivered. Like Bubblez said Dunelm will do some. You can also buy a Baa Baa blind which you can put up and take down so good for travel. Costs about ??30. Google it and you'll find a few places that sell it and measurements etc.
  • We have shutters so lo's room is pitch black even for naps. I really think it improves the quality of his naps and I think its also responsible for him sleeping until 9am! The only thing is he's not that great at sleeping elsewhere which I think is probably due to him being so used to only sleeping when it's really dark..however, I would rather he sleep well at home where he is the majority of the time.

    So yes think the blackout blinds are worth it! x
  • thanks for your replies ladies, will definately get some then and will check out dunelm mill!!!


  • Not sure how effective they are, although I had curtains for my first lo.
    Saying that, Ikea has some great blackout blinds (that can be cut down to size and fitted by yourself) which we got for my son's room, and are looking to get for the babies room too (to go behind the lovely curtains that would also let in light... best of both worlds!
    Plus they are only around ??10 I think... have white, beige and black.. not sure if any other colours...
    laura x
  • Hi,I agree think they are worth it.
    I got some that is a fabric you can hook onto back of curtains,cheaper and just as effective
  • Hi,I agree think they are worth it.
    I got some that is a fabric you can hook onto back of curtains,cheaper and just as effective
  • I got some at rosebys sale today for ??12! Bargain! Our window is huge so it would have cost loads to get some made. xxx
  • I would say get them, our baby slept thru from 5 weeks thanks to black-outs...well recommened
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