ready brek


does anyone feed this or standard porrige to their LO?

Mine is 7 months and think of buying them instead of baby porrige. Can you tell me though what milk you make it with ie cows/formula/breast.

Thanks in advance xx


  • When Kara was 6 months I gve her cereal wtih cows milk in it. She was also eating Ready Brek at this age. I also giver porridge oats to Kara now and have done for a few months. She is 18 months now but I am sure it is ok earlier.
  • Livs loves ready brek! Shes been having it from 7 months with full fat cows milk x x x
  • It's fine after 6 months and you can do it with full fat cows milk!
    Gabe just has rusks and milk for breakfast as he started refusing cereal lol x
  • Burgess loves his ready brek - i started making it with a mixture of cows milk and formula. now he just has semi skimmed milk in it. i sometimes mush half a banana into it cos it can be quite bland for them after the sweetness of baby porridge. x
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