How much sleep?

How much sleep should a nine week old have during the day. I'm now trying to get Evie into some type of day routine as i've noticed if she has to much sleep through the day she won't go down at bedtime so we end up going up & down the stairs all night xxxx


  • Hiya
    I think it should be no more than about 3.5 hours in total at that age. If they don't have enough it's the same result as they are overtired xxx
  • im not sure as maya would sleep most of the day and all night
    and so dose charlie

    charlie is 10 weeks old he slepts from 6.30pm - 7.30am only waking for 15 mins at 3am for a feed.

    he naps from 8.40am - 12
    then again from between 12.30 and 1pm - between 3.15pm and 4pm
    then he will normally fall asleep again at 5.45 for 15 mins before going up to bed with his bottle at 6pm

    nothing i do can keep him awake, if i do manage he is as crabby and hell and just cries the whole time.

    where as my oldest son just never slept at all during the day or at night i think he felt he was missing out if he went to sleep x
  • all babies are different but if she has less naps in the day it doesnt mean she is going to sleep any better at night. millie had loads of sleep in day until about 12 weeks. at 8 weeks she was going 6 hours straight in the day but was also sleeping through at night. she slept better if she had all her naps in the day. now she has hardly any sleep in the day and doesnt even sleep through anymore grrr haha shes 19 weeks now x
  • Gabe didn't have much at 9 weeks - maybe 1.5 hr in total, but slept through the night.Now he's 8 months and he usually has 1.5- 2.5 hours day naps and sleeps through most nights.
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