Pelvic floor, please help :( (+tmi question)

Hi girls
This is a bit embarrising but im still leaking small amounts of wee sometimes. Lo is 15 eeks old and i have been doing my pelvic floors so i dont understand it? maybe im doing them wrong?
Does ne1 have any advice please?

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  • Hiya love this was happening to me as well at that stage.. still not 100% perfect.. but SOOOO much better, honestly just stick with it, keep doing them!!
    are you doing both types? one is like a lift doors closing and going up really slowly & most importantly coming down really slowly again.. and the other is like a zap, quick short sharp one! the first builds the over all and genreal strength and the second types helps with sneezing/laughting/coughing/crouching!
    every time the adds come on on telly do them, when you get a text, when your feeding baby! if you are having trouble doing the first lay on your side to do them like before you get out of bed so you dont have gravity working againt you! and when you can manage it gradually increase the amount of time you hold it for! hope this helps hun! x
  • i still have this hun and wade is 5months now!!
  • yeah Charlie is almost 6 months! just takes time! x
  • makes me feel a bit better that im not the only one!
    I do have another question though, because im still leaking a little does that mean im going to be 'loose' (sory if tmi) im too scared to check and because of it im really nervous about having sex again!
  • evie is 8m and i still have a few close moments (must stop laughing,coughing,sneezing.etc)lol
    im sure u will get back to normal hun, it just takes time.
  • Your pelvic floor has been affected more by your pregnancy than by the delivery. your body releases hormones to make your muscels relax so that they can be better prepared to carry the baby and give birth. The relaxin hormones is responsible for softening the pelvic floor and this has been weakened by the weight of the baby inside your tummy. Think of your pelvic floor muscles as a trampoline which shock absorbs every time you cough, sneeze, lift heavy things, jump, vomit or poo. It is responsible for keeping your insides on the inside all day long. This muscle is like a marathon runner; it needs endurance to get through the whole day with out any leakage. If you run when your pelvic floor is in this state you may experience stress incontinence. More seriously, you increase the risk of a bladder prolapse, which is when the pelvic floor muscles cannot support the bladder in its correct position. I'm not saying it to scare you at all, i'm just saying that healing takes time.. your pelvic floor is diffrent from your vagina..(I was cut and stiched so it was actaully uncomfortabley tight to begine with! who'd of guest that huh!!?) .. keep up with your pelvic floor excerises.. perhaps ask the doctor about being refered to physico.. I only went to one session and she really helpped me how to know how to do the excerises properly and I am almost all compeletey fine now! x
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