After some advice please


My baby boy Jack is 5 weeks and 4 days old. This weekend he has been a little grissly and it's been very hard to get his last burp up during feeding - he usually pulls away to burp half way through and then at the end sometimes he pulls away 3 times ( i use infacol by the way - recommended by midwife when i switched from bf to bottlefeeding when he was 4 days old) , however he hasn't been bringing up the last burp even though i've been doing all the usual things and been tring for ages - he falls asleep at the end whilst i am trying and then wakes up crying because he obviously has a tummy ache from not bringing up his last burp. He hadn't really slept much either at the weekend but last night he slept from about 11ish (woke up at 12 and i put his dummy back in and he fell back to sleep) right through to about 7;30 this morning!! Usually he wakes every 4 hours for a feed, however lately it has been 5-6 hours at night. Then he woke up for a feed and after about a third he brought it all back up after a feeble little burp, then drunk the rest and didn't burp after and whilst i was trying to bring up his burp he was a little sick again (not much) ans then fell asleep and has been since.
Do you think he is catching up from lack of sleep at the weekend or is he going through a growth spurt? should i be worried or am i over worring? He seems ok in his self.

Thanks xx
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