Awwwww :o)

My baby girl has slept on me three times now over today and yesterday and I have loved every minute of it !!

She always used to do it when newborn then at about 2 months old refused to do it and would only sleep laid down somewhere, and nowadays she naps in her cot in the morning and either her playmat or her bouncy chair the rest of the day and never settles on me.

Well yesterday she fell asleep on me for about an hour and it was lovely and so unusual, i know I probably should have put her to bed but it was so wonderful having her snoozing on me. Then she did the same again this afternoon twice, she tucks her head right into my neck and its so cute I decided the chores could wait and I sat for over 2 hours with her first then half hour the second time.

I loved it, but should I be doing this knowing that she starts nursery in 2.5 weeks for a couple of days a week, what if she then wont sleep there coz she is comfy sleeping on me ?? But at 5 months old she is getting so independant already that i'm concious that she wont want mummy snuggles for much longer. Time is moving so quickly !!! :cry:


  • Oh enjoy it while it lasts as you say they grow up so quickly!!
  • I hope you don;t all think i'm weird, but i said to oh earlier the ONLY good thing about erin being unwell is all the cuddles and falling asleep on me, we actually fell asleep together for a couple of hours this afternoon, its lovely as usually she is far too busy to cuddle me. So i totally know what you mean

    I really shouldn't worry about nursery just enjoy it, it really does go to fast, i cannot believe i used to worry about Erin always sleeping on me until she was 6 months i made her sleep in her cot and now she hardly ever sleeps on me, just enjoy it xxxxx
  • I let Oscar nap on me until about a month ago. I loved my sleepy cuddles and it's never affected him napping in his cot or chair so I let him carry on. It's a good excuse to relax for however long. Now he has one long nap in the day so it's not convenient but I do miss it. Enjoy it while you can!
  • Oh I'm soooo jealous, Gabe fell asleep on us all the time till he was about 6 months and since then it's petered out & the last time he did it he was 10 months....He is too busy now at 15 months :cry:
  • I'm so jealous, i was just saying yesterday that i wish Lucy would cuddle in for a nap. She hasn't let me for ages and i miss it. I ended up cuddling her teddies! x
  • Thanks ladies.

    I had another mini snooze session with charlotte again today, she was just in her nappy wrapped in a blanket and she pulled the blanket right up to her nose, tucked her head under my chin and snoozed for about 15 minutes. I loved it, just could not stop looking at her !

    Ive decided Im just gonna let her do it if she wants, wont be long before she refuses again or I dont get the time being back at work so i'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts !!
  • Awwww that's so sweet. Enjoy it! Last time Evie slept on me was last christmas, I loved it so much I just sat dead still for ages and let her sleep. I really miss that feeling of them nodding off against you. xxx
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