Infant Gaviscon/Ranitidine Help Please!

Hey girls,

Well, the anti relux milk that finn was put on last week has improved things marginally, but not that much, so we are now moving on to the ranitidine syrup.

He has just had the first dose, so we will see how things go!

One question - we cannot get infant gaviscon here but our doc says that if we bring it over from the uk, we should use it alongside the ranitidine as a double pronged attack. Does anyone else do this?

Thanks so much guys, you are the best.

Very sleep deprived romeo xxx


  • Shame you havent had a massive improvement but at least you have other options. I hope the renitadine is a success for Finn. We had an instant improvement within 24hrs. It isnt supposed to stop the throwing up but it certainly eases the pain which is the main thing.

    We didnt use the IG alongside it so sorry cant help there. When we were prescribed the renitadine the doc said it was way better than the IG so said not to bother with it.

    Keep us posted, and hope you get some much deserved rest real soon x
  • Hi Romeo,

    Good to hear the anti-reflux milk is working for you. I'm still ebf and we've been on infant gaviscon now for 4 weeks, and now moving onto ranitidine. My doc said stop the gaviscon now as ds doesnt bring that much up - although I'm not that convinced as I know a few other ladies use it alongside gaviscon!!!

    The gavsicon thickens the milk to stop it coming back up, whereas ranitidine is a antacid and minmises the amount of stomach acid so I can see why it could be recommended as a double progoned attack

    Nic x
  • I would guess if you're using anti-reflux milk it would be thick ready and the gaviscon could therefore just cause really bad constipation. I would see how the ranitidine goes and then come back to IG if needed. We started on ranitidine last Friday and by Monday we had a different baby!
  • Thats great girls, thanks!
    We were hoping to replace the thickened milk (Aptamil Anti-Reflux) with the gaviscon in his normal premie milk which is higher in vits and calories. I think i will wait and see how the ranitidine goes first as you guys suggest - hes not very sicky (but he doesnt take much feed) so hopefully the ranitidine will help. I actually think I might have a breakdown if it doesnt!

  • Not sure whether your doc mentioned actual timings for giving the renitadine, or how many doses per day you are giving but I was told for my son to give 3 doses per day within the 24hr period but rather than go by 8 hourly intervals which would have disrupted his night time sleep, I split it up in the period from when he first woke to his last feed before bed (excluding his dream feed). I found it most effective if I gave it morning (on wakeup - around 6 or 7am) before feed, midday before feed, then just before his bedtime bottle. Hope that makes sense. Just thought Id mention it as Brody's 2 cousins went through the same thing and neither of their docs mentioned giving it before a feed and when they changed to doing this it made a huge difference for them.

    By the way, if you have a moment or moments where you feel you are at the end of it, you will bounce back ;\) But you are on the way now so hopefully things will really improve. You just need to continue to manage it and go back to the doc when you see signs of it becoming real ugly again.
  • thanks for the tip on dosing mummabear - we were trying to work out the best time to give ranitidine in relation to feeds!

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