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Hi girls was looking at these and really don't know, do any of you have any with good or bad reviews?? any help appreciated, Reece wakes up so easy when I peek in to check him but he will also wake up and play quietly so I need to be able to see him without potentially waking him up but also to know if he is awake so I can go to him lol

have seen a few but reviews are mixed and thought would prob get better feedback on here xx


  • I had a Summer one and it was fab! I loved having it and if we ever have another I would certainly use it again. I used to wake every time she made a sound but rather than go in and check her, I could see her on the monitor and work out whether she would go back to sleep herself or not.
    The only downside was the interference - I couldn't have my mobile phone anywhere near it or it was terrible! Also, our doorbell caused interference too but that rarely rang anyway so didn't cause a huge problem!
  • aw thanks was it digital?
  • Nope - it was analogue so I guess that was half the problem! The picture was fab though, even when her room was pitch black!
  • cheers mrs well that gives me info on the campany if that makes sense xx thank you xx
  • You're very welcome!
  • i have a lindam video monitor and im very impressed with it - no interferance and picks up sound really well so as soon as dd stirs im aware and can also look and see a really clear picture of what she is doing (black and white but in colour if lights are on) you can also press a button on the monitor part that plays music through the camera part (if that makes sense) to where baby is lying...

    my dd is 7 weeks old and have only just last week started putting her down in the crib after her bottle rather than leaving her in moses basket til we go to bed (the room is next door to where we sit but i still like having the monitor on to see her and it will be good for when she is older and in her own room as thats upstairs and i like to just sit and stare at her on the monitor and watch her wriggling away;

    we paid ??149 for ours (well my aunt did as a gift lol) and i think it was well worth the money...

  • oh lauz this was one we were looking at its 119 now, actually I think it is the same in tescos and I have my vouchers to be double to ??30 so could actually get it for 90 lol whats the night vision on it like and can you zoom?
  • I've got a Chicco one, but it was a present so not sure what it costs, so sorry. I'm giving a negative review though! The signal often disappears for a few seconds at a time which means I'm constantly checking it to see if it's still on! I live in an apartment and basically the signal has to go only down the corridor from our bedroom to the living room. I dread to think what would happen if it had to go downstairs!! Also, if you move the monitor to take it with you the signal disappears and has to be found again.
    On the plus side, the night vision and sound quality is excellent and it has a very very calming blue nightlight which also makes it easy to do dreamfeeds without waking baby up too much.
  • thankv much mixti negative as well as positive equally welcome. im toying between lindham clarity and tomy video (their new one as it takes we pictures while they sleep if you want!! how cute is that!!
  • we have the lindam. I absolutely love it. One of the best things we have bought. The lullaby facility has been worth every penny and i love being able to see what lo is doing. X
  • hey, i think def go with the lindam one - you cant zoom (as far as im aware?) but the picture is very clear and you can alter the brightness etc and as baby b said the lullaby part is really good...

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