big brother!!!!

sorry but i really love this program and someone my oh is mates with was on the audition program and he has not been at work so fingers crossed he is on his way to the big bro house!!!!!


  • Hi I have to admit that every year I say I am not going to watch it but I always end up watching the launch show and then thats me. I am going to take a shower now and get into my pyjamas and be laid out on the sofa ready for it to start at 9.
  • double post. Don't know what happened.

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  • oh excellent! i love bb too!! let us know if he is on there and who he is!! good chance he will be on there... unless he is just pulling their leg and is off sick!! lol... xx
  • well his name is Angel and is from birmingham and when we watched the auditions the other night he got into the last stage sooo chances are looking good fingers crossed!!
  • sorry but i cant stand bb! i watched it for like the first 4 series but then it got soo boring! every year the people get more and more bizzare! i must admit i went to an eviction show the one were that south african girl called vanessa got evicted! wasnt all it was cracked up to be! x
  • Every year I watch the first episode, swear I'm not going to watch it ever again and end up watching it every night! I still think series 1 was the best, it's past its best now cos it's full of wannabes.

  • Ooo good luck faith&finley, hope he gets on. I bet it makes it far more exciting when you know someone.
  • i get a bit addicted...... always watch first one and say its not as good as the other years and i usually hate all the housemates BUT then i cant stop watching and get proper into it!!! hubby hates it sooo hes not impressed its on! hehe xx
  • i hope the person you know is on it too! just think f you big him up on here and we tell all our friends too keep him in! you could help him win it! xxx
  • Ooohhhh its on Im sooooooo excited lol
  • i'm with sunnymum on this - would rather stick pins in my eyes, and a red hot poker up my ****!! (bit like childbirth actually........!!!!)
  • yay! that two of us! come on bb h8ers were are you!? xxx
  • OMG they are evil lol can't wait to see how they play this one out!
  • I hate it too!! I can proudly say that I have never once watched a series!! I watch the first one where they go in and then never again!!
    I hope this is the last series!
  • I have to watch it just to see the special ppl they put in there! It makes my life seem so perfect!!!
  • There are def some weirdos in it this year. That fellow Angel didn't get in then. He must just be off sick in work lol.
  • Shame! Unless he is going in....they do that don't they? Think it's gonna be an evil one this year, loving it!
  • lol alioli, yes it does help to make you feel normal doesn't it?

    Shame he didn't get in faith&finley image
  • yeah! i'm not alone!!
    fortunately have never endured an entire episode, and never will do!!

    jumped up wannabees!
  • yeah gutted he isnt in will have to see if he makes it back to work next week!!!???
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