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Following on from a thread in Born in Oct (Kelly - you've inspired me) I thought it might be nice to share our fav BLW recipies.



  • Glad to be of service lovely lady image

    Ok well some of these are "stolen" AK ones but even so, very yummy:

    Parmesan chicken fingers:
    bash a chicken breast until 1/2cm thin, beat an egg White with a bit of ground black better and dip the chicken in then roll in the Parmesan to coat. Grill the chicken fingers for 3mins on each side (until cooked & cheese is golden).

    Tuna muffin melt:
    Cut a White muffin in half, grill (toast) on the uncut sides then. Mix tuna (in oil NOT brine) with a bit of spring onion, creme fraiche, sweetcorn (put in a mouli if need be to squash the corn) then spread over the open side of the muffin, grill until ready.

    Chicken with cornflakes:
    mix together egg & milk then dip uncookee chicken breast fingers into
    the mixture then roll in crushed cornflakes. Put in an ovenproof dish and pop in the oven (180 degrees) for around 20 mins.

    Griddled vegetables:
    put a little olive oil/veg oil/sunflower oil onto a griddle pan. Put on a medium heat and place cut strips of courgette, red pepper, etc etc and griddle until softened.

    Sweet potato "crisps":
    Peel a sweet potato then using a peeler scrape some shavings off the potato. Toss in a bit of oil and place on a baking sheet in the oven for around 5 - 10 mins.
    Do the same for parsnip crisps. brain's drying up so that's all I can think of for now, will be back with more later no doubt :lol: xx
  • Excuse my typing errors, I'm on my iPhone lol x
  • OMG Kelly I am so excited about making those crisps!! Not just for Beth either...!image

    Fav things are:

    Pasta or tortellini tossed in butter and parmesan. I usually mix in peas too as she loves to pincer grip them. Soooo quick and easy but always a winner!

    Chicken & Butterbean burgers. Literally just pack of chicken mince (or could use breast and put in food processor), tin of butter beans, couple of spring onions. Blend together and grill approx 8 mins.

    Salmon footballs from AK book are popular

    Pesto, veg & cheese mash - make mashed potato, mix in some cooked frozen veg, bit of pesto and cheese. Done! yummy and popular.

    Cheese & vegetable nuggets - mix breadcrumbs, cheese (lots!), cooked frozen veg and egg then form into nugget shapes and fry.

    Sorry - I rarely follow proper recipes and tend to just make things up as I go along so don't really have any proper amounts for the ingredients!

  • Oh also - meatballs/meatloaf. Pork mince, oats, onion, grated veg, egg, herbs, garlic. Mix all together and put in loaf tin. Bake for about an hour until cooked through.

  • Oh wow Baby B that allllll sounds so good and definitely on my "to do" list.
    Can I just ask what type pasta do you use? I've yet to give Ava "finger food" pasta, so wondered what the best type is for them to hold well?
  • For normal pasta I tend to just (over!)cook some fusilli and farfalle. She pulls them apart herself.

    Tried her with rice earlier and she was soooooo unimpressed . I even added cheese which usually makes most things more appealing! Had to just give oatcakes instead so she had some carbs!

  • Brill thanks hun, purely eating finger foods is a new thing to me lol but she seems to be enjoying it.
    Ooo yes cheese is pretty much always a winner with us too so it must have just been the rice she didn't like x
  • I give Dylan normal pasta fussilli best for him i've found conchigle too slippy and doesn't come apart!

    Dylan tends to eat what we do, last night it was smoked salmon and green pea risotto, that went down well!
  • Ok this is our trea tonight i'm going to give it the fancy name of rainbow pasta :lol:

    1 yellow pepper
    1 red pepper
    1 courgette
    10 button mushrooms
    1 red onion
    1 clove of garlic
    6 tomatoes

    I tend to cook the peppers and onions in microwave in a bowl with a tablespoon of water with a plate covering for 5 mins to ensure there soft plus it keeps all the nutrients in the water that can get lost in cooking. Meanwhile fry garlic, mushrooms and corgette in pan then add peppers and onion and diced tomatoes. Fry till cooked then served with cooked pasta. I add chilli to mine and hubbys after i've portioned out Dylans, you can add alsorts though eg herbs or even meat (we once added left over roast chicken yummy image)

  • Bumped for ***Calleigh***. xx
  • Brilliant thread and some fab recipes here! I'm definitely gonna be making the non-dairy ones now I have a bit of time on my hands! xxx
  • How old are your babies?????????? We're doing things a bit more traditionally but I'd like to give LO some exciting finger foods, he's 6 months
  • Thanx Leigh!!!
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