Clothes - first 4 - 8 weeks - how much?

Hiya ladies, babies! I hope you are all well!

I am now preggors with baby girl due in October. I already have a boy, he is gonna be 2 in September.

Now my dilemma - I have bought bits and bobs of baby items for wee girl and would like to know if I ve got enough to last first 4 - 8 weeks (I would think). Most of what I will list is 56 cm (so basically newborn and some 0 - 3 months sizes).

I just can't for the life of me remember how much I had for my little boy (probably too much as he is the first child and I ve given quite a lot away, so can't compare!).

I have got so far:
6 Longsleeve bodies (these I use as tees usually with a set of pants)
5 Shortsleeve bodies (underwear basically)
7 babygorws (aka pjs)
2 hats
7 socks
1 hoodie
1 knitted cardiagain (will have more as granny is knitting lol!)
4 trousers
1 blouse (oh so cute moonsoon thing - just adorable lol!)
1 outfit consisting of trousers and shirtdress

A few of these things (longsleeve bodies and trousers) can be put together in various combinations to create little outfits.

I quite like babies in little outfits, dressed my boy in a really nice way even from the begginging (I have everything in quite bright colours and a bit funky styles). So during the day, when going out, baby girl will rather be in a little outfit combo rather than baby grow. Baby grows will mostly be for nighttime and when at home.

So I am just wondering if there is anything I need in bigger quantity, seeing how there will be bringing up milk and leaky poos and things. (I will have stocked up on plenty of bibs and muslins haha! Never can have enough of those!)

I don't want to buy too much of the same size and at the moment if I see anything I reallly like I go for the 3- 6 months size.

What do you think yummy mummies? What else should I get?

Cheers to all,

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  • hello and congrats on no2,

    i suppose it depends how much washing you do, we had a very sicky baby so went thorugh at least 3 changes a day but the washer was always on, i think maybe a few more top/dresses if you go the proper dressed route, we did from about 4 weeks ands only used babygrows for bed, we prob had about 20 vests altogether x
  • I think you've got plenty hon - I bought LOADS of sleepsuits but like you I don't like her wearing them during the day and I always dress her properly in a nice outfit so I didn't get the wear out of them really! Vests are the thing I have about 20 of but I do get through those quite alot, although I only change her during the day if necessary, small spit-ups I just dab with a wet wipe else I'd be changing her all day! lol.

    For a "lounging around" day I tend to dress her in a little pair of trousers and t-shirt - so maybe a couple of t-shirts size newborn and 0-3 will keep you going - although you'll probably be inundated with cute outfits when baby arrives! lol.

  • Congratulations!!

    I think you have got plenty there, you dont want to go mad on smaller sizes cus if you have a chunky monkey, like my boy, she wont get to wear them, my boy is 6 weeks and most of his 0-3 dont fit, i have got some lovely clothes that have never been on his back! such a shame, wish i had saved more pennies towards bigger clothes insteadxx
  • Congratulations!

    I think you've probably got enough there to begin with. Looking at your list though you may want a jacket / coat for going out as October can have cold days and she'll only be small.

    We had loads in 0-3 and a bit less in newborn but Sophie was 5lb 12oz when she was born and all the clothes were far too big for her. We had to dispatch both grandmothers on urgent shopping trips to mothercare for tiny baby clothes! She was in them for the first 6 or 7 weeks I think and we had 7 longsleeved bodysuits, shortsleeved body suits (I can't remember how many), 3 pairs of trousers, 7 sleepsuits, 3 cardigans, 3 hats and 4 dresses. She is now in a mixture of newborn and 0-3 clothes at 11 weeks old.

    We found that loads of people bought us 0-3 outfits etc so we only had to buy one packet of shortsleeved and one packet of longsleeved bodysuits.

    Don't forget that people will buy loads of presents for you so you'll get loads more clothes.
  • Thanks guys, this is all very helpful and different views as well, so gives me lots of ideas of what do and what not.

    My boy was 8 lb 11 oz when born and around 58 cm (he wasnt in newborn for long lol!). But baby girl is measuring only 25th centile (scan at 20 weeks and 26 weeks) and she could potentially be qiute small as one of her grannies is like 5 foot tall.

    Mrs Bear - thanks for the tip about the coat, yeah I was thinking about that, but at the same time, I got fab cozy toes from first time around and my boy was always super warm in them (granted he is a radiator!).

    Ahh this is tough, because, of course, I wanna buy all the lovely baby girls stuff (esp now that autumn collections are in and they have got such lovely DEEP rich colours, aaah the temptation!).

    Keep em coming girls, I bet someone will metntion something I have totally forgotten!

    Cheers, xx

    P.S. I am not hoping on a lot of gifts in shape of clothes, didnt get any with my boy, as both sides of our families live abroad, and most guests we had coming over brought toy type of things! Lol!
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