anyone have a bugaboo cameleon?

wondering if anyone has he same problem with theirs... the small button like plastic thing over the front (smaller wheels) has come off. Dont know how to describe it really but hope you know which bit i mean! Its only a small thing but wrried water etc will get in. I've only had it 3 months. went to mothercare but they didnt want to know. Said i must have been dragging it on the floor when opening the frame!! This happened to anyone else?


  • I know Noahs mummy has one and is using it and happyjadsgirl has one but she is still waiting for her little bean to appear x

    Dont know if thats any help x - Noah's mummy is in the born in April forum and happyjadsgirls will probably find your post on baby x
  • Yeah mine has came off!
    I've only had mine 8 months & i absolutley love it but i've already had the hood and the shopping basket replaced by bugaboo free of charge because they both ripped at the seam!
    This is awful but I am planning on 'borrowing' one of those wee button thingys the next time I see a bugaboo in the shops!!! xx
  • Nope! I've had mine for three years and the buttons are both still there!!
  • My buttons are still in tack as well!
  • Just been to look and mine are still there. Had my bugaboo almost 11 months now. xx
  • thanks for your replies. i have e-mailed bugaboo, hopefully they'll sort it!
    haha misslauri - i tried to 'borrow' one too but it wouldnt come off
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