so pleased!!

yeyy my jayden can sit unaided, been sitting for around 3 days but for only baout 1 min, now today we sat together and he sat alone for about 20 minites, so proud! now roll on crawling!! nerly there xx


  • Well done Jayden!!!!! Ashton just started to roll yesterday but not quite at the sitting up stage yet!!!!! At least you know he will still in the same place! xxxx
  • Well done you two! Sounds like he's doing really well.
    We saw our hv today and lo rolled over while I was struggling to get his kit off and she said 'oh you shouldn't be able to do that you're only 18 weeks'-made me feel awful! Thought childern were meant to develop at thier own speed!
    Anyway sorry went off on one there-well done to Jayden! x
  • Great! Well done! you should be proud!

    Mum to 1 - what a stupid hv! my lo can almost sit unaided - she is 18 weeks. She can roll onto her side and rolled from her front to back once a couple f weeks ago - I think she did it by accident bless her!

    We all should be proud of our lo's achievments and they will do things at different ages!
  • Couldn't agree more Loopy Loo!! Will ignore the hv-silly lady mind she did have a cold so maybe she was just poorly!x
  • hes 25 weeks today,

    what a stupid hv,! all lo gteb the hang of everything eventally, some are good at one things and not so at others,
    love it when they do something new!! xxx
  • Aaww well done Jayden!!! xx
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