in the sink?

does anyone else bath there lo in the kitchen sink? or is it just me? we have a baby bath but i find it easier on my back and easier to manover harri lol xxx


  • I'm currently using a baby bath my mother in law gave me which fits over the bath to save the floor getting wet.

    however, it was suggested to me by an auntie who is a mw to use the kitchen sink as it is easy on the back and you can support your arm on then side. In addition the side is good for using the changing mat on. so no your not strange! If it wasnt for the baby bath fitting over our bath I probably would ahve gone for that option too! xxx
  • We did when my son was newborn. It didn't last long though because he would try to launch himself backwards and I was worried he'd bang his head.
  • Bloomin good idea and dont know why i didnt think of it!i even said it jokingly when i was pregnant about bathing baby in the sink!i used to use baby bath on top of kitchen table so why the sink never crossed my mind i dont know!lol maybe with the next
  • i find it much easier! i will use our baby bath when he is older but i find i can support him better in the sink. used to use bathroom sink but hes far too big for that now! xxx
  • Why didn't I think of using the kitchen sink?!?! What an obvious idea. I'm 5 months pregnant with my second, bathing my 8 month old in the baby bath in the bath is almost painful. Right, kitchen sink it is! There is even worktop to put him on for drying-excellent!
  • ha ha glad ive helped! especially if you have a square sink like me coz you can sort of use a corner to hlp support them its great! its more enjoyable for me and harri as we can make eye contact at his level and ive taken some lovely ics of him in
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