G/C what were your first labour symptoms?

Hi ladies,

Im due Tuesday 1st June, and I just wondered - what were the first symptoms before you went into labour?

I've had period pain on and off in my belly and back for about 4 days but today it's a bit worse, i feel some twinges low down in my abdomen every now and again, i feel sick, hot, headache, light headed, have diarrhoea.. lovely! i don't feel myself really.. the pain in my back is the worse, but i wouldn't say it was any worse than normal period pain at the moment and it's constant

Just wondering if this is likely to be the start of something or if its just general late pregnancy symptoms that everyone gets..

I have it in my head ill go over because its my first but i just wondered, those ladies that did go over due and ended up having to be induced did you have any symptoms of things starting or nothing at all?



  • My waters breaking! Got up to the loo at 6.30am and they went while I was on the loo....a min or two earlier and it would have been bye bye mattress, phew! Oh I was a week late too

  • hi both my girls came before their due dates, with both of them i felt strange, in a bored type of way i HAD to go shopping! within 12 hours i was having contractions! i didnt ever get a funny tummy or feel poorly but have heard it can be the start of things and periiod pains are a known start of labour-only thing is unfortunatly no one can tell if it will last a few hous or days and days before it progresses into labour.
    hope your lo doesnt leave you hanging on too long.
    oh btw, my dd1 was 6 days early and 24 hours before i had her my midwife told me she would be late as there was "no way this baby is coming anytime within next 2 weeks, shes not even engaged"
    fingers crossed for you x
  • I had a slight show, went out for lunch with my mum and then contractions started!! my 2nd was 6 days early, and my 1st came bang on time!
    But that day I just had a real cleaning head on, the day before I painted the kitchen!!

    Good luck, hope you dont have to wait too long!
  • I had bad period like pains for a quite a few days before my waters broke. The midwife told me they were just braxton hicks but they did get worse. I remember saying on the Sun to my hubby that the pains were getting worse. On the Mon I got out of bed at 8.30am and my waters broke. He was born the next morning at 4am.
    he arrived one week early and was my first baby.
  • I was induced at 41+5, and my cervix was not at all favourable, although I was convinced on several occasions that I was starting labour as I got period pains and back ache! However, yours sounds pretty promising!!! Even if it doesn't indicate the real thing, any movement prepares you and will hopefully mean you will respond well to a sweep or induction.

    Good luck!
  • I lost my plug (gloopy, runny, sticky!) - my contractions started about two minutes later! I had had a sweep earlier that day.

  • Thanks ladies.
    I really hope something starts soon, having pains and nothing happening is so frustrating! X
  • with ds1 my waters went at 37w exactly. Contractions started 3 hours later.
    with ds2 I had a show and the runs along with contractions! I was stuck on the toilet for an hour and a half! He was 4 days overdue.

  • I woke up with backache, then had a show. I didn't have any tummy pain or tummy contractions, mine was all in my back. That progressed pretty quickly to backache with really sharp pains, which were regular and close really quickly as well. xx
  • I had slight backache the night before she arrived, but put it down to moving an entire bookcase full of books from one place to another (maybe that was nesting actually???). Following morning 6am waters part broke and baby arrived 12 hours later just after the rest of my waters went. My backache was a lot like period pains and really low down too.

    Good luck!

    PS - it was my first baby and she was 2 weeks early
  • mine was back ache.
  • I was a bit like how you have discribed, I had period like pains on and off for a couple of days and then one evening I just felt really uncomfortable, more constant period pain, back ache and just a bit woosy. That night when I went to bed my waters broke before I'd even got to sleep.
  • I had period type pains in my tummy & back, then next morning had a show. As the day progressed I felt worse so had a bath & after the bath had a bloody show & about an hour later my waters broke at around 9pm that night. I had seen mw at 10.30am that morning who said she didn't think I'd be going anytime soon as her head wasn't engaged!!! I was a week early.

    Good luck with everything

    jayne xx
  • Had a bit of a show 4 weeks before (@37 weeks)and got all excited haha ... then when labour actually started my first sign was being woken at midnight by my contractions, oh and loads more plug for hours! Went to hosp 10 hours after contractions (I knew they were different to any previous aches and pains as they were instantly every 5-6 mins ...)and was 4 cm dilated x
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