8.5 months - how many milk feeds?

Gabe is eating solids again image :\) So pleased. He is gobbling up 1/2 a stage 2 jar and a yogurt or pud twice a day, plus a big bowl of baby rice and mashed fruit for breakfast.

I have reduced his milk, successfully this time, so he seems to be having 3 7oz bottles (usually drains it, sometimes leaves 1 or 2oz). But today we were out and he went to sleep before we came back so he missed his day bottle so only had 2 bottles (morning and bedtime) and he was fab with his solids.

How many milk feeds do your (similarly aged) babies take?


  • It's ridiculous how quick this first year is going isnt it!!!! xx
  • hi

    My lo was having 4 5oz bottles at this stage so much the same as your little man x
  • I was lucky if my lo was having two 6oz bottles a day, morning and night at Gabe's age! She has never really been big on her milk since I stopped bf (likes the real stuff to much lol). I just make sure she gets plenty yoggys and cheese etc...... as long as he is happy then thats sound as far as I am concerned. He seems to be munching v good by what you say huni x

  • Thanks girls...

    I think the reason he wasnt eating before was cos he was drinking 28oz of milk until the last 3 days!

    Im gonna offer 3 7oz bottles like you say LeaPea and if he doesnt want them so be it.
  • Hello. Glad Gabes eating again! And I also cant believe how quickly time flies. I've actually started thinking about Nathans 1st Birthday!!

    Nathan usually has 3 7oz bottles during the day. But today we met a friend for lunch with a little bit of wine! It was only when I got home and made up his bedtime bottle that I realised I'd forgotten his afternoon bottle!! He was fine but was hungry for his bedtime one a bit early so I'm waiting to see if he wakes earlier for it to.

    Is Gabe still sleeping well. Nathan is hit and miss, always goes all night but wakes as early as 5am (kills me!!) and as late as 7am. Cant figure out why???

  • Iv still got a little milk piggy im afraid. He still has between 3 and 4 8oz bottles a day. He normally has between 5 and 8oz from each of the bottle, depending on how much he has eaten and how gives him his bottles.(pollishes em all of for daddy) Recently he will also cry for another 5oz bottle before bed as well.

    He has 2-3 meals a day (usually 1/2 bowl of porrige or 1 round of toast for breckie, main meals usually 1/2 jar stage 2 food and pudding. He will have finger food snacks as well).

    There is a weening party at playgroup on monday so will speak with the advisor as I still dont really have a clue what Im doing LOL.

    Zacky just loves his milk, unlike his mommy (I cant stand the stuff, thought of it makes me feel sick LOL).
  • Gabe's so-so with the sleeping - he either sleeps fantastically well (7pm - 9am or something ridiculous!) or very badly. Luckily its mainly good nights at the mo. I've noticed he has bad nights at the weekend when OH is here!!! No idea why?
  • i am not sure faith changes her mean all the time i glad he is eating again hun
  • Hello, good to hear Gabe is back onto solids again.
    Jemima has 3 bf feeds and a dreamfeed/night feed.
    Shes also on 3 meals a day, 1 weetabix, 1/2- 1jar of stage 2 or equivalent for lunch and tea. finger food for snack and starting to offer finger food for lunch. So it sounds very similar so I would say thats fine.
    Im just trying to encourage her to drink more water/juice during the day.

    IF my oh gets home just as im putting her to bed. She'l be all excited and go to bed later. Im guessing thats why Gabe isnt so good at w/es as hes not used to spending so much time with your oh. xxx
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