noo, gettin in a bad habit again!!

after i finally stopped jayden sleping in our bed! hes in his own room now and has been for about 4 week, its been far better, he goes down at 8 wakes 2 for bottles then gets up at 5.30-6.30 but these past 4 nights hes been waking at 11 screaming and i mean screaming!! i just ssshhh him for about 20 min but still hes screams and crying that much sweat drips from him and spits at the mouth, evantally i get him out and cuddle him and he trys to get himsef back off but still whimpering, this happend twice last night!! any ideas what it could be, im sooo tired yet again!!


  • is he teething?
    Sometimes babies will wake for the sake of it and then make a habit of it. If hes not teething then maybe try a bit of controlled crying. Does he have a dummy? That can be a great self comforter when sleeping. I dont really know what to suggest really but id say try not to get him out of bed because thats what he wants and will expect it. I know its hard but just persivere. Sorry cant help any more
  • I did all the 'wrong' things with my baby and was told by many people I was forming bad habits that would come back to bite me e.g. let her sleep in our bed when she seemed to need it, never let her cry alone, picked her up all the time, carried her about in her sling when in the house (was told this would 'spoil' my baby!). I don't regret it one bit as I feel I was following my instincts. Ella had no problems going back into her own bed at around 5/6 months as I feel she had learned not to be afraid of sleep. She associated it with being nice and warm and cuddly and safe, and she's the best sleeper I know out of all my friends with babies. I know this might not happen with every baby, but I just wanted to reassure you that it's not all doom and gloom if you have your baby in your bed as many people will tell you. Sometimes your baby just needs you close.
  • I agree with campbelly. My lo was in my bed for a few nights when he was bad with eczema and was waking every 1/2 hour cos he was so uncomfortable. Everyone says lo will not go in his/her own bed after being in with you but I dont think its necessarily true for all babies and I am very for it (done safely)! lo goes in my bed when he's unsettled a lot, I dont do controlled crying (tho have nothing against it!) and he has gone back in his own cot fine & sleeping through again. Babies go through phases.
    I do think babies cry for a reason, my lo woke all the time for 2 weeks and I was at the end of my tether and ready to let him cry but then he had severe eczema and I realise he had been itchy & unsettled at night so needed a cuddle. If Jayden is screaming like you describe I doubt he is doing it for attention...or that it will become a habit.
    I would say though with the bottles...he doesnt need them at this age...maybe try watering them down by 1 scoop every night? xx

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