My 5 1/2 month old picked up a tummy bug from somewhere, I'm assuming nusrery, although he was only there for 1 day last week!!! Just bad luck maybe?! But was very sick on friday and saturday, then I got sick on saturday night/sunday, my mum came round to help cause we were in a right state and now she's got it!

Not good!

Any how, although Im still feeling a bit fragile, my LO is still refusing to eat. He was on around 800ml p/day + 3 good baby meals, now nothing!! Rejects his milk like Im trying to poison him!

what can I do. I get so worried when he won't eat, although I appreciate he's probably still not feeling right, he is so fractious, as if he is hungry but he just won't eat????

Is anyone in the same boat?? If there a horrible bug going around that I don't know about?? Please advise. Thank you!



  • hey,

    can you get a doctors appointment? they can prescribe dioralyte that should stop your lo from getting dehydrated - we had to give it to my lo using a syringe but it helped.

    try giving him lots of water to help flush out the bug and if you find a food he will eat give him lots of it!

    have you called nhs direct?

    once he gets over the bug his appitite will return!
  • hey hun my LO was exactly the same, we all had it in the end, OH started with it and ended up in hosp on a drip, he was so dehydrated he passed out and had a head injury from hitting the radiator...u need to get dioralyte from the doctor, even if u have to syringe it into ur LO...JJ literally had NOTHING for a week, everything just violently came back up again and his nappies were terrible...he's not not been sick for about 5/6 days now and is almost back to normal, he lost 5 weeks worth of weight!! hope ur feeling better soon x
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