Rolling on to tummy in the Night!?

Hey Girls,

Charlie's been rolling on to his tummy in the middle of the night and the getting stuck & screaming/crying for help because he can't get back over again.. also he keeps get un arquard/uncomfortable possitions..I don't really know how to stop this from happening? I've Tried wedging him with blankets but he just rolls over them and he's managed to get his arm stuck in the cot bars a couple of time...

what can I do to help him be more settled and stop him from getting stuck? x


  • I am having EXACTLY the same problem, someone suggested on here one of those things you can buy that has rolls either side (bigger than blankets rolled up like i have tried too!). The thing is, they do say to be used up to 6 months and Ruby is now past that so I am reluctant to get one,
    She is waking up far more in the night/day now than she ever used to because if this. i simply go back and move her. It's knackering though!
    On occasion (and it's getting more often!) I leave her to cry. She now falls a sleep on her tummy and is much happier actually!
    The other day, she was screaming and I just knew she had rolled over (but if i put her back, she just does it again!) so i left her. After she had stopped crying, i went in to get something and saw that she had gone to sleep on her tummy with her legs completely through the cot bars and hanging down! I didn't move her as she had gone to sleep and she slept like that for 45 minutes!

    I did learn very quickly that she was rolling onto her tummy on purpose because she knew if she did it and then screamed, then i would come running.... Clever thing!
    After i let her cry herself to sleep a few times (and it would only be 5 minutes or so), she gave up crying and now rolls straight over and goes to sleep when I put her down (and can actually roll back.... I have since found out!).

    Sorry I haven't been any help, just thought I would share the experiecne with you!!

  • Grr replied earlier but BE ate my post! Lily does this and rolls to watch her light show! She is in a sleeping bag but I also tuck her under the blanked (quite tightly) and this usually stops her rolling! But I know that at some point she will get stronger and just role anyway!
  • my daughter used to roll onto ehrf ront and my oh alwways said roll her back. Which I did. Then after Christmas I dcided as Im the one who always go to her, Il see what happens if she sleeps on her front. She slept better. I used to put a toy behind her back to stop her rollign voer but this didnt mak too much difference.

    Was thinking of posting something similar as recently she has been putting her arms through cot bars and wonder why is is stuck. Not sure how to prvent this unless you put more bumpers round the side. Last few nights she has been turning herself 90'c across the cot. Problem now is she bumos her head! Maybe she'l learn one day! xxx
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