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Yet another xmas post, i just cant get enough of them haha

When do you put your tree and decs up? we have only spent last xmas in our own home and put ours up the 1st weekend in december but im not sure when i will this year...the sooner the better i say lol and what kind of xmas tree do you have? I would really like a real one but im not so sure its a good idea with tegan walking around this year.

38 days to go yippeee xxxx

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  • i always do it on my birthday (dec 7th) and we HAVE to have a real one...can't beat that xmas tree smell image x
  • we dont out one up as we are away all through the holidays and right into the new year x
  • I usually put my tree up round about the 10th. However this year will be later 'cos we're going to have to take Lily's play pen down to put the tree up. Strangely enough LIly loves her play pen - the gate to it is always open so Lily can wonder in and out when she wants - and we use it to store all her toys in once she's gone to bed.

    I love putting the tree up hough so it's a shame I'll be doing it later. We have a 6ft artificial one with lights already on it. Had a real one once and though I do love to see them I vowed never to have one again as the needles were a nightmare! If I were to have a real one again I imagine I would spend all christmas trying to Lily from easting them!!
  • do u give ur tree water? i find as long as a tree has water it doesn't lose many needles, i've never had a problem x
  • Always the first sunday in december, oh always moans when I mention it, but when the decs come down he takes over putting them up. We have a fibre optic one.
  • its always been my hubby's tradition to put up the decorations on his birthday ( 30th nov ). I think he looks more forward to putting the decs up rather than it being his bday lol x
  • Gemzy, i am so jealous of you right now! i want to put my decs up!! i dont think my oh would apreciate it though. when i was a child we use to put ours up on nov 20th, mainly because my mum n dad got fed up of me moaning to put them up haha.
    Lara, i cant believe you have xmas earings, i want some! lol
    i really would love a real xmas tree as i love the smell of them, but dont think it would be wise as tegan might try to eat the needles and id get fed up of constantly picking them up xx
  • We are having Zaras 1st birthday party on the 30th Nov (shes not 1 til 2nd dec) & we are debating on whether we should put the tree up for her party or leave it til after. What do you girls think?????
  • I know. It'll look really cute coz I have got her a beautiful wee wine coloured dress to wear!!!! It matches the decorations!!!! lol
  • yeah i think you should put it up for her party hilary! she would love all the lights and sparkly decs xxx
  • Shes into everything at the moment so how long it stays up could be another thing!!!!! lol
  • im hoping that tegan wont be too interested in the tree and wanting to pull it down lol x
  • Amy was never too bad but Zaras a different kettle of fish altogether so I'm preparin myself for the worst!!!! lol
  • 1st December every year! I also have the presents ready and wrapped to go under for then aswell. Im super organised and i think its cos my mum is not! When we were younger we would usually put up the tree not long before xmas eve and on xmas eve i could hear my mum wrapping our presents.
  • We normally put ours up the first weekend in December but this year I'm going to stall it for a week!! Poppy is into everything and I know it's going to be a nightmare keeping her away from it and the dogs a pain with it too! I adore Christmas but I just know I'm going to end up with a 7ft tree on top of either my daughter or my dog!!
  • we've got OHs Xmas tree from when he was a kid. Id love a new 1 but he'd be heartbroken if I said about getting a new 1. It tilts and looks a bit pi**ed so my plan is to get very drunk and it'll look strait!! :lol:
  • I love xmas so much- if I had my way I'd never take the xmas decs down!

    Were putting our tree up last weekend in november- im going going to do it when Joshua is in bed and hope when he wakes up in the morning he wont even notice :lol: wishful thinking! We dont have a real one, and I wouldnt as anything that falls on the floor Joshua likes to have a little taste of! Vicky and Joshua xxx
  • ah see this is tricky one cos my daughters b day is 18 Dec and i would put the tree and decs up earlier but always feel bad because her b day is so close to xmas and like to separate the 2 for her! saying that i think its just me and she would prob love it really!! xx
  • my birthday is dec 15th and as a child i always loved the tree and decs being up for my birthday, i would be upset if they werent lol x
  • that makes me feel better Hannah maybe i should after all theres no escaping xmas at that point anyway!
    maybe i just use it as an excuse because im normally so disorganised...lol!! xxx
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