I am about to purchase a bugaboo cameleon for my baby which is due in May. What accessories do i need and which ones are a waste of money ?

Any replies appreciated.



  • The cup holder is CRAP!!!!! and the UV sunshabe is tricky to fit but the footmuff and sun canopy are great - I would definately recomment buying those two. I bought the matching change bag too but re sold it as its fidly to open.

    Its a great pram and I love mine what colours are you having?
  • Now I loved the cup holder!!! Agree that the bag is rubbish, the footmuff is brill. My lo wouldn't have sat under the sunshade but the parosol is pretty good as well.
  • i going for dark grey base and sand covers. If i have a girl i'm going to but the pink covers.
  • I have the footmuff - fab and the parasol. I haven't really used the parasol tho!
  • I have the footmuff and parasol too. The footmuff is fab but I haven't really used the parasol much yet - maybe this summer I will. What I would suggest is ordering your footmuff once you know what sex the baby is. If you have a girl and decided to order the pink covers then you will want the pink footmuff to match too. If it's a boy you may want to order it in sand. My little girl was born in July and we never started using the footmuff til we put her in the pushchair bit in Dec.

    Hope this helps.
  • I'm also about to purchase a Bugaboo Chameleon, not sure of colours yet though!! Wher did you all get yours from? We are thinking of peppermint.co.uk as they have got 10% of them at the moment!! Has anyone else used these? I would appreciate some recommendations of where to go please!
  • hi i luvd the pushchair as well, the footmuff and parasol are brillaint n also jonah33 got mine from john lewis, well my mum did n it was brilliant as i could go back there everytime i had a problem with the buggy
  • Mine also came from John Lewis and they were brilliant. I've only had one very small problem with mine but they fixed it on site and gave me a voucher for two free coffees and cakes in their cafe while I was waiting.
  • yeah same as me, really nice wasn it bedhead
  • Thanks for all your advice, we are definitely going to go to John Lewis to price them up. Do they do package deals to include car seat and easyfix base?
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