Should I change frequency of feeds??

Hi ladies- needing your excellent advice again!!

I have been FF LO since he was 3 weeks. Initially he seemed to be feeding every 4 hours like clockwork & would take about 5oz. This has gradually crept up to around 8oz & he seems to be guzzling this down. He is throwing quite a bit of this back & he is also a dribbler so you can imagine the state of his bibs. He has quite a bit of wind & gets quite agitated with this especially at nighttime. I bought some Aptamil Comfort yesterday as i think this might help with his wind (He is currently taking Aptamil First)- not tried it yet though as I need to get some bigger teats.

I was wondering if it was a good idea if I tried to feed him smaller bottles say every three hours? Or do you think this will upset his routine- not that we are actually in one!! He is still feeding in the night too so wondered whether this might help him to go through the night? Also is it ok to feed both Aptamil First & Aptamil Comfort alternately? I still have a big tub of Aptamil First left that I havent opened yet so dont want it to go to waste!!

Thanking you in advance!!1

Claire & Jack (7 weeks)


  • Hey chick

    I think advice is to stick with one formula at a time as mixing can cause upset tummies. I personally would stick with 4 hourly as if we try to feed L before he's hungry he point blank refuses it or takes the smallest amount and then just snacks all day! L now feeds every 5-6 hours and still sleeps through so I'm not sure whether moving feeds closer will help as chances are the overall intake won't be upped...
  • My lo was feeding too much I think, resulting in alot of it coming back up - so over a week I gradually changed the routine and she's now on 5 bottles of 7oz - if she cries before 3-4 hours are up then I give her a little bit of water which seems to stave off the crying for food. I think in earlier weeks I was mistaking hunger cries for thirsty ones and she was feeding 40oz some days!!! lol. She seems quite content now on 35oz and I also give her a little taste of something mid morning too.

    Whilst it's too early for you to wean so forget that bit, I think it might be worth trying to reduce the size of a bottle - he may cry for more when he finishes it but so does mine and then when I wind her she forgets she wants more and she's fine.

  • Thanks girls.
    Everyone says that you cannot overfeed a baby but I feel like I am!! I dont think it helps that Jack is a 'sucky' baby- I cannot tell when he is no longer hungry as he continues with the lipsmacking & rooting. I will try with the water- thanks for that tip.

  • we went to 3 hourly feeding at about 12 weeks, he would never scream for a feed before 4 hours but he would take it at 3 hourly, if hes on 8oz and chucking it back it may be that he wants it but his tummy cant hold that much in one go, have you though about hungry baby milk? might help, we switched to that at 8 weeks for the same reason, lots of milk coming back but screaming for more, he became much more settled between feed too,
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