Two stupid questions!!

OK have been wanting to ask these for ages but felt too stupid!! But I really want to know the answers! lol so here goes....
1) HOW exactly do you 'prop a baby up with cushions?' J just falls to one side or flat on his face, they don't seem to be high enough if you know what I mean! Works ok if he's in the corner of the sofa but how do you make it work on the floor???

2) (even stupider) Is it ok to let babies eat paper???? Joseph loves nothing more than to scrunch up a bit of paper, but it always makes its way to his mouth eventually. Will eating a bit do him any harm?

Thanks in advance!

M image x


  • - the paper one - TBH I think the 'correct answer' is don't let him have any - Dex is 6 months now and I see no harm in letting him gum a bit of paper! x
  • Not stupid questions!

    1) I'm not sure how old your LO is but when our lo was around 5 months (before he could sit) we put a breastfeeding pillow (u shaped widgey one) around him to support him sitting. We also has a playnest which helped support him before he could sit.

    2) My lo eats so much paper!!!!!!!! :lol: Probably worked his way through a couple of magazines by now. We sometimes catch him and extract the piece of paper but he must swallow so much. In fact a few times he's sicked up milk with bits of paper in. Once on holiday he sicked up a piece of paper with name of our accommodation on!! :lol: No idea when he managed to eat his way through that!
    Sure the odd bit is fine. Wait until you take him to the beach!!!!!! xxxx

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