me n my brother have always said that there is a ghost in my mum's house and i am 100%sure i have seen and heard it before, on sunday we had a bbq after my sisters wedding and had all my family up from oxford, my brother recieved a text yesterday from my uncle in oxford saying that my 3 year old cousin told him that he saw a male ghost standing next to my mum's tv on sunday and that he was shouting, how wierd is that they do say that kids can see ghosts!! this was the first time that my cousin has been in scotland let alone my mum's house so has never heard anyone talk about the ghost before so has no reason to be lying! how crazy image image


  • Oooh I love spooky stories!

    I'm sure theres a ghost in my house, but it feels friendly. Our kitchen door rattles every now and again, the first time it happened I thought it was the cat trying to get in, opened the door and nothing there! I also felt someone behind me the first weekend we moved in - thought it was hubby, turned round and nobody there! That made my heart skip a beat I can tell you!

    When the door rattles now, hubby opens it and says in you come then, he's making friends with our ghost :lol:

  • we've a ghost in our house too and its a friend of ours!! He's my husbands best mate and he owned the house before we did, he then split up with his fiance and we bought the house. He then died a couple of years after we bought it and i'm sure he comes to visit us.

    I often smell his aftershave and i'm convinced he moves things around!!

    I think his spirit has settled in our house as that was where he was most happiest

    It doesn't bother me tho, as long as he doesn't appear in the bedroom!!!!
  • You guys are freaking me out! I hate the thought of ghosts - arggghhhh. Lights will be on tonight when I sleep image
  • If any of you are in the South Wales area, you might want to look at www.swpr.co.uk. image

    C xxx
  • talking of movin things, about a year ago my dad put his trainer on and it had a handful of rice in it, nobody to this day knows how it got there it was so random, if there is a ghost then that explains it. im kind of glad that someone else has seen him now even if it is a child lol.
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