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Hi all,
i am in a pickle about prams. i am needing to get a new one as mine got trapped on the train in between the doors. someone has given me a pram to look at it is the Bebe Confort Loola Stroller. just wondered if any one had one or new someone with it and how they find it. i walk every where as i dont drive and i walk everyday so i do need a pram with good wheels. i also like the mamas and papas ora. there are so many to choose from. arrrgh.
northern rail are giving me ??100 to replace my pram. and i do need it to last till joshua is 3 he is one now.
Thanks .


  • how about looking at the maclaren range? the pushchairs will last until he is 3 and ours is great and very light. I drive but I imagine it would be very easy to get on and off public transport.

    It's great that your getting ??100 to replace yours!
  • Thanks for your replys. i have looked at the maclarens and silver cross. i went to mothercare yesterday. wow they have a lot to choose from.

    i know they wasnt going to give any thing at first. the conductor had said nothing happend! well my pushchair was proof. they had to download the operation of the doors to show them it happend.

  • I have the loola and its fab!!!! I drive but also do alot of walking and have had no trouble with it. Best thing is the seat as you can have them facing you. I got mine from ebay for only ??70!!! Only down side is you need to have the bag that matches as it clips onto the frame. I did try it with another bag but it just kept pulling the cosy toes off it as it sat to low on the frame. Apart from that its a fab pushchair. xxx
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