Question for those who have stopped breastfeeding

Hi All, I have also posted in bottle feeding but thought I'd post here too.

Those of you who breastfed initially and have stopped, how long was it till your milk dried up?

I have mix fed since the start but decided 2 weeks ago that it was time for me to drop the BF, LO was kind of weaning herself off anyway and I couldn't get her to feed for more than 10 mins she just kept falling asleep on me till I gave her the bottle (she had a top-up bottle at every feed since the start). She also dropped a couple of centiles and the HV suggested it may be time to drop the BF (Don't know why it was necessary to go into all that, sorry!)

So I weaned her off over a week and did my final breastfeed 9 days ago. I was surprised that I had no pain, engorgement or leaking for the first few days and was really pleased. Then 5/6 days later, hard painful boob, leaking etc. Not a lot but enough for it to bother me a bit and has been like that over the last 3/4 days. Was just 1 boob initially but now both. I find it strange that it didn't happen immediately but a few days later?

Anyway my long-winded question is, did anyone else have the same experience, and how long was it till your milk dried completely?



  • Hey,

    I can't really help but will be interesting to hear what other ppl say. We stopped breast feeding 10days ago. My right boob has stopped milk with no pain (but LO didn't ever really take to my right one) The left one has been feeling full, but not sore & still getting milk out but not leaking.

    Jayne xx
  • I'm still producing 4 weeks after stopping!!!

    No pain but still keeps coming, thinking I should try again!

  • Hi

    I stopped BF after three weeks, I then expressed for a week, and gradually reduced the time I was expressing for. During that week I went from expressing 6oz per boob per session to around 1.5 oz per boob per session.

    After a week I stopped altogether and my supply just vanished - no pain and no engorgement! image

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