Anyone elses little ones suffering?

We were prescribed diprobase which doesn't seem to help we were given something else in a small silver tube i can't remember the name of it but we could only use it for 5 days and it worked wonders now we've stopped that it has come back and i think is worse it used to be just behind her knees and her elbows but now is spreading up her right arm and right leg, she has started itching it too and sometimes it bleeds :cry: poor little mite.

Anyone reccomend any other creams?

Thank you


  • Hi hun,

    My dd has excema too, it has nearly gone now image We use Doublebase cream which is amazing! and Oilatum in her bath. The cream you were probably given was hyrdocortozone (sp) as it is a very mild steriod.

    I also let my dd's legs air alot, i don't put her in tights or trousers, i have her in dresses so her legs don't sweat.

    I found diprobase didn't really help either. I also made sure i don't use anything else on her skin apart from the oilatum and doublebase. The doublebase can be applied before a bath as well so it is extra moisturising image

    Hope it clears up soon!

  • Thank you for the quick reply, We have oilatum cream and bath oil but they don't seem to be doing much, i let Alyssa's legs air alot too and if we are at home i just leave her in a vest so her arms and legs air,

    do you get double base on prescription or can i buy it?

    Thanks again
  • Ds1 has had eczema since he was 10 weeks. We started with diprobase, but it never worked for us. the other cream is a steroid cream. It comes in different %. It thins the skin, hence why it can only be used for 5 days, however after a few days break you can use it again to prevent flare ups.

    DS1 is 2 years 8m now and still suffers. Mostly his wrists, elbows, knees and a patch on his back. We use doublebase after every bath, it stops skin drying out. We then use Aveeno cream (an oat based cream) every morning and steroid cream when he has red angry patches.

    Both doublebase and aveeno are prescribed by the dr. we were referred to a special eczema clinic run by hv and we now control his skin. It always flares up when the seasons change and when someone cuts the grass!

    I have found dr advice differ to hv too. The creams given to us by dr made his skin worse! If in doubt talk to your hv and good luck!

  • Hi MrsP

    Your from BIJ aren't you? Me too if you are.

    Anyhoo, Dylan was diagnosed with eczema at 8 weeks and I have found that alongside the oilatum in the bath (and the wee!) that hydromol works really well for him It comes in a huge tub and looks like a thick version of vaseline, I use this all over his body both morning and night. I think that diprobase is more of a cream than an ointment and therefore possibly less moisturising.

    I also use betnovate ointment when dylan has bad patches and it clears them up in record time. Aveeno also works well to keep the skin on his face moisturised.

    As a fellow eczema suffer myself I know that one of the most important things is to keep up with the creams religiously, this can be laborious but it really does work.

    Hope this helps.

    Kay x
  • Hi hun,
    think i;'ve recommended it to you before but we use hydromol same as littlepea and i swear by it!
    Jacks eczema is worse round his ears of all places and can litterally look like their falling off they're so raw, but hdyromol help loads!

    Another thing that will help is investing in a water softner for your house, they are costly but are hugely benifical for eczema suffers.
  • aaaaaaaaaaa typed such a reply and accidently deleted it.

    short version ds1 - bad eczema, scratched until bleeding, used doublebase oilatum and daktacort (steroid) he was doublebased 5 times a day and when broken out used daktacourt and creamed 7 times a day, this kept outbreak to a minimum. also we found foods a big impact - all dairy and anything at all with enumbers, you would be shocked they are in bloody everything!!!!

    ds2 also has it but no where near as bad, hasn't needed a steroid cream or anything, but that could be because he is bf and ds1 was ff, ds2 had one ounce of ff at about 10 weeks and broke out in eczema the next day so he has soya forumla milk, not that he'll bloody drink it from the 7 different bottle types i've tried, I think he is addicted to my boobies lol
  • yes i am from BIJ littlepea,

    Thank you for the advice everyone another doctors trip in order it i think to get a different cream!!#

  • I have no personal experience, but you could try asking for a referral to a paediatric dermatologist and see what they could recommend? Hope you get sorted soon xx
  • Thanks for the additional replies, lilac yes i remeber you saying that now but it had slipped my mind i will ask the doctor for hydromol. and will look into the water softner,

    i will be asking about a referal aswell thanks honeypops

  • We use hydromol on Cam too - although some weeks I have to lather him in it about 4/5 times a day (as advised by GP) because he gets so red itchy. Something else that worked for us though was a tube of strechmark cream that I got given - It's a scent free, natural products one but that did a great job of getting a bit of moisture into his skin! xx
  • Not sure if you have seen my posts but one of my twins suffers really badly with eczema. I definitely second the referral to the dermatologist. My dr was useless, but paed was better, and even she admitted she had got to a point where she didnt know where to go next and we were referred to a paediatric dermatologist, who was fab.

    Basically, we tried everything! and I mean EVERYTHING! The only one we didnt try was Doublebase, but after the flare ups from using some of the others we discovered Alfie was allergic to one of the alcohols in the creams so have stuck with ointments. We use Hydrocortizone on the rough areas (his face and elbows at the moment) whenever they flare up. Epaderm has been good for us, although you have to put it on 4-6 times a day!

    The hydrocortizone works while we are using it, but we stop when it has cleared then just apply a small bit to keep it at bay. We now only have to smother him in Epaderm 2-3 times a day.

    Ours began with a suspected milk allergy and they havent had any dairy products since they were 18 weeks.

    Def go for a referral if you can xxx
  • I suffered with eczema as a child and it was miserable - poor LO. Despite various potions and lotions on prescription, the most effective products I used were the Boots Oil of Evening Primrose range - there's lotion and cream amongst other body products. I have no idea why it works so well, as it's fragranced and not sold as a skin 'remedy' but it does! Maybe worth a try...
  • hi

    my lo has excema, we use e45, hydromol ointment and hydrocortisone, works well, we no longer put the oilatum in his bath as found that was aggrevating it even further (my SIL found this with her little ones too) also i changed my washing powder from bold to the fairy liquid clothes washing liquid and that seems to have helped too.

  • Vintage Rose - I second the E45 Anti Itch. We couldnt have the normal E45 as it contains the aforementioned alcohol, but the E45 Anit Itch was fab!
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