What the weirdest thing you have seen/heard from your neighbours?

Just wondering cos i remembered a couple of weird things i have seen from neighbours. When we were little our neighbours stole our snowman!! Well there were footprints and a wheel track in the snow from our snowman to their house. They were a couple in their twenties with no kids so assume they must have been drunk!!

A few years ago my dad lived next door to a house that a few men shared. One day i saw one of the men hanging out his washing wearing a bra and knickers!

So please share your stories or am i the only one who has lived next to weirdos?????


  • my neighbours make there alsatian saki wear clothes all the time he has a better wardrobe then me lol its so sad poor thing always scratchin at them n looks miserable. thought i was going crazy at first
  • Well...we have moved now but at out old address out neighbours used to fight like cat & dog! We nicknamed her the 'banshee' as she would sure scream like one!!!!
    One day they argued so bad she locked him out. For some reason the house alarm was going off and he was stood on at the front door in his underpants!!! yelling 'let me in or I'll f****ng kill you'
    When she finally let him in I had a glass up to the wall and could hear them going hammer & tongue. I don't think he hit her but they sure had a wild barney!
    Our other neighbours were lesbians but much to oh's dissapointment they were in their 40's and both butch ladies :lol:

  • One of our neighbours was a um........(whats the politically correct word........) prostitute. She had 2 or 3 men go there every night! She lived opposite and slightly up from us.

  • Not a neighbour really but I used to keep my horse on a yard where the farmer was a cross dresser!! When I first went, he told me that I may see his 'wife' from time to time and that 'she looks like me, just a woman - if you know what I mean!!' - well, I didn't know what he meant but was too polite to ask! until 2 weeks later I went to my my bill and 's/he' answered the door!! I had to bite my tongue to stop myself laughing in his/her face!! H/she had stubble but make up, full dress (with large boobs) and high heels!!
    I have to admit that I couldn't look him in the face after that so moved my horse!!!
  • would have loved neighbours growing up the nearest house to ours was a 30 min walk away.

    But when we lived in england our neighbours were really loud in the bedroom at least she was, thankfully we got along really well and one night she was in the club where i worked and she was apolagising for the party noise as he freinds kept turning the music up ans she was saying they were no longer welcom round at the end of the night as she didnt want them waking our little baby. so i mentioned as nicley as i could that this was not the only noise keeping us awake, and that a pilloe works as a good gag, she burst out laughing, he didnt realise we could hear her as we kept our windows closed we were at it but they forgot to close theres a lot as it was always so hot you needed them open.
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