Green poo after vaccinations?

Hi - My LO had her 16 week jabs yesterday. She was quite under the weather yesterday and slept lots. She seems a bit better today albeit a little grumpy but she has been sick a couple of times and had a loose, green poo this morning. I was wondering if this was normal after jabs or should i be concerned? im not worried about dehydration as she is alert, has taken lots of milk and hasnt thrown up a full feed. I also think she may be teething. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks x


  • Hey hun, yes we had same problem. I was concerened for a while as it continued for ages, but all back to normal now. but would keep an eye on it, esp if it's really runny. should only be for few days. After one weeek we went back to docs to get baby checked.
    PS. hope your doing ok.x
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