What do you need for lo when swimming?

Hi girls,

I am taking my little girl swimming next week she will be 10 weeks on Friday. My leisure centre have said all she needs is swimming nappies and a bather but do I need arm bands or some sort of inflatable thing to sit her in?? I dont think I do as I will be holding her all the time but just wanted to see what you all do. I cant wait to see her face she loves the bath so should be fun!!

Thanks girls,

Love Amy xx


  • You don't need a float or anything, though I think you can get them! We've taken our lo twice so far, he's 6 months. He really liked it. Make sure you have a muslin or pack of wipes on hand at the side of the pool (and towel to wrap lo in) cos my lo was sick in the pool! imageops:
  • Hi Amy Ashton was 9 weeks the first time I took him and loves it too! I would take two towels for your lo. If she gets cold in the water you can lift her out and warm her up then go back in, so a dry one for getting out is a must. Also I always take my dressing gown so that when we get out I can put it on me whilst I get Ashton dry and by the time he is dressed I am dry.
    The pool will have everything else you need! Oh take a couple of swim nappies too, Ashton did I poo in his the first week just before we got in the pool, lol. Have fun!!!!
  • Oh thanks for the tips lots of towels and muslins and nappies tamarabell lol!! Oh and a dressing gowns, sounds so comfy lol!!

  • I take Josh to Waterbabies and we take a swim nappy (and a spare!), and a Happy Nappy (waterbabies operate a double nappy system and the happy nappy goes over the top of the swim nappy. It's meant to prevent leaks), changing mat for Josh (so I can put him on the floor adn not worry about him rolling off anything) and a towel. As soon as we get to the changing area I take his wet nappy off and wrap him in his towel. They I get ready as I find I can get him ready quicker if I'm dressed and not dripping water on him. He doesn't seem to mind lying there while I quickly get ready.

    I would advise feeding your baby about 2 hrs before you go swimming.

    And get them used to getting their face wet!

    Have fun!!
  • i can't wait to take charlie swimming! hoping to go swimming next month!
    Katie did u manage to find a swimming costume? if so where did u get it from? xx
  • Oh hope Gracie Faye gets better, I cant wait to take Amber!

    jojo- No hun I have them I luckily just have them on my tum though so all in one is just what I need to cover them up!!

    Gem n Charlie - John Lewis have some gorgeous boys n girls little swimming outfits - getting on on Sat xx
  • thanx hun i'll have a look. also do u know anywhere that sells tankinis, i can't find one anywhere x
  • Yeah I got mine of bravissimo.com xx
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