trumping baby (sorry)

Hi there
My little girl is 4 weeks old now and I have noticed recently that she seems to break wind a lot - big ones too, practically adult size! Now she is getting upset and flustered just before she does it and I wonder if she has some trapped wind or its painful getting it out - is this because we dont burp her as well as we should (am expressing and bottle feeding with formula at night) or is it normal?
Is there anything I can do - I have infacol but is that not just for burps? Also HV said not to use infacol as its a drug...
I hate seeing / hearing her in discomfort - any advice gratefully received.
Reety xx


  • Haha! Oscar was terrible for a windy bum, although he never was uncomfortable with it.

    Have you tried gripe water now she's old enough? Worked wonders for burping O and seemed to cut down on the trumps :lol: :lol:

    Also if she seems a little uncomfortable try cycling her legs or massaging her tummy clockwise to help the wind move.

    Hope it picks up soon xxx
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