FUMING! I'm being ignored by the nursery!!!

Harry only goes one day a week to his nursery when i have college. Everything was brilliant to start with and he has come on leaps and bounds with his socialising.

Only trouble is that for the last month or so he's be starving when he gets home.

Now don't get me wrong, he's an active boy and he's supposed to get three square meals a day plus snacks so CLEARLY it was just him being really active.

When he started there they asked us to write harry's routine down so they could stick to it. I didn'T think they'd stick closely to it as there are a lot of kids there but it is 1:2 leader:child ratio so it can't be impossible.

I read through his journal notes and week by week theyve been giving him dinner at 3pm!!! at the latest!! :O :O :O What the hell!?!?

It clearly says that he should not be fed before 4pm as he won't sleep etc and i had reiterated this a number of times.

So OH takese him last friday with strict instructions for nursery to feed himn as late as possible - 5pm preferably. They tell him its fine and he'll be fed at half past four - the last of the kids to eat.

So we go to pick him up at 20 to 5 and he's totally clean and sat with the other two kids left reading a story together.. aaahhhh how adorable!

We take him home and OH realises that on the journal page say he's eated at 5 pm! a WHOLE 20 mins after we'd even turned up! So i'm livid and ring the nursery - practically shouting the odds as i'm so mad about this, and the girl i speak to says she'll ask the key worker what time he was fed.


How much more stupid can these people get!? The girl even comes onto the phone and says that harry was fed at half four and no earlier "she promises".

Now i know i'm starting to waffle on, but is there ANY Child out there who can eat all of their tea, plus time to mash it everywhere they can like harry does... AND be completely cleaned up and settled into a story in 10 mins????

ARGH! apologies for the length of it.. but im maaaad :x :x :x


  • Id take that straight to the manager to be honest and threaten to take him elsewhere. They'll want him there so they get paid, so will hopefully buck up their ideas! xxx
  • sorry im a little confused, correct me if im being thick...the 3pm thing is bad when you've asked for 4 but if ur OH asked for him to be fed at 5pm then you've picked him up a 20 to then surely u should feed him - their day sheet could have been filled out in advance with ur wishes? i'm guessing their day never goes exactly to plan with having LO's to look after so they wouldn't have been able to feed him at exactly 4.30 like they said but if ur picking him up at that time anyway would it not make sense for u to feed him at home? i'm probably being thick cuz i have no exerience of this...hope ur ok x
  • The problem I would have is the lying. Saying they fed him then, when they clearly didnt. How would you trust them to tell the truth about other things like important aspects? Would they lie if he got injured to cover their backsides? That's what i'd be annoyed about. xxx
  • OMG I'm not surprised you are mad! Makes you wonder what they do on other days! Do you know any other mums that use the nursery you could talk to? Find out if anything similar has happened to them?

    I would definately complain to the manager x
  • Thats disgusting! I personally would start looking for another nursery, and complain to both the manager AND ofsted.

    If you'd turned up and they'd said 'sorry he hasn't been fed yet because we were leaving it as late as possible - until 5pm - that would be fair enough but it seems like he was not fed at all! It would be understandable that perhaps his journal was filled in during a quiet part of the day - while lo's are napping but they really should have spoken to you about it, especially as the ratio is 1:2!!!!

    3pm for tea is very very early, when I worked in a day nursery was at 4.30pm I think. Although, from 2 upwards the children would get a snack and theyre parents in theory fed them again when they got home.

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